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Domaine des Miroirs is one of those wineries that has acquired cult status in a very short time. Domaine des Miroirs is the work of Japanese national Kenjiro Kagami. In 2001, he decided to leave his native country and move to France, where he first started learning the French language, then took on an internship in Burgundy and started working for Thierry Allemand in Cornas. Being a great lover of the Jura, and encouraged by Jean-François Ganevat, Kenjiro eventually set up his own winery in 2011. Domaine des Miroirs is a reference to Kenjiro's last name, Kagami, which is Japanese for mirror, or miroirs in French. Moreover, the winery and the wines are a reflection of his vision.

The domain comprises approximately 3 hectares, of which 1.5 hectares of Chardonnay, 1 hectare of Savagnin, 0.4 hectares of Poulsard and 0.2 hectares of Trousseau. The vines are planted on very steep slopes with a limestone soil. The winemaking process is as natural as possible, so pesticides are out of the question. Also, certain herbs and flowers are planted to increase biodiversity. The winery already received the official certificate for organic viticulture after the very first harvest.

The bunches are harvested by hand and only native yeasts are used for fermentation. The fermentation takes place in wooden barrels and is followed by 24 months of barrel aging and another 24 months of bottle aging. This means that the wines only become available after 4 to 5 years. Some of his iconic wines are I Need The Sun, Que Sera Sera, Entre Deux Bleus, Les Saugettes and Mizuiro.

Kenjiro's wines have become true collector's items in just a few years’ time. Nowadays, it is very difficult to get hold of a bottle. The skyrocketing demand and limited availability has also driven the prices up significantly in a very short time.

The best vintages are 2012, 2015 and 2016.

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Domaine des Miroirs

Wines from from Domaine des Miroirs

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