Wines from Vauversin


The history of the Vauversin family in Oger dates back as far as 1640, where Nicolas de Vauversin was a registered owner of some vineyards in Oger. In 1930 the 12th generation, Fernand Vauversin, started making its own champagne rather than selling the harvest to the large houses. Currently the house is run by Bruno and his son Laurent.

When we as Best of Wines visited Vauversin for the first time, we were welcomed by a young, enthusiastic man who showed us the working grounds. Aside from having some plots in Oger right out the door – something rather unique – we were shown the artisanal way they produce their champagnes. Laurent could tell us about how he was slowly winning his father over about working organic and that they have been doing so since 2011, both in the vineyard and during the vinification.

In 2014 they released their first completely organic vintage, and more changes in the vinification process are about to take place. Also in 2014 they purchased their own press, and Laurent is planning to be a little more flexible with the malolactic fermentation. In the past all wines would get a malolactic fermentation, however the 2012 vintage didn’t receive any at all, and the results were very promising.

The wines from Vauversin are pure expression of Chardonnay. They own just 2 hectares in Oger and some plots in Villeneuve-Renneville and Grauves. The grapes of the last two are sold and only the Grand Cru Chardonnay from Oger is being used to make the Vauversin champagne. These wines are overall extremely balanced and very different from one another. They are structured, precise with enough freshness and always the minerality of the Oger terroir.

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