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The champagne house was founded in the mid-19th century by Pol Roger. The first champagne was released in 1849. Two years later, Pol Roger moved the company from Aÿ to Epernay. The winery can be found on the Avenue de Champagne in Épernay. The courtyard is named after Winston Churchill.

Just after the death of Pol Roger, the company went through some tough years. On February 23, 1900, parts of the cellars and buildings collapsed. 1.5 Million bottles and 500 barrels were lost. Nevertheless, Pol's sons, Maurice and George, managed to keep their heads above water after this disaster. And so the duo was able to expand exports and win large clients. Unfortunately, the First World War got in the way of this expansion. Moreover, much of the export was hampered by the ban on alcohol in the United States and by the Russian Revolution. On top of all that, France experienced an economic crisis and the local sales market deteriorated.

Still, the company managed to hold its own during these difficult years. This gave the champagne house a very strong image. The quality of the champagnes is also endorsed by British politician Winston Churchill. According to Winston, Pol Roger makes the best champagne in the world. This led to a genuine Sir Winston Churchill cuvée that was only available in magnum format during the launch at Blenheim Palace.

By now, the fifth generation is in charge, and the champagne house owns more than 200 hectares. The grapes are rigorously selected in each vineyard, so that only the best quality is used. The champagnes have a large proportion of Chardonnay and are characterized by elegance, refinement and a rich bouquet.

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Pol Roger

Wines from from Pol Roger

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