Wines from Clement Perseval

Clement Perseval

Clément Perseval has been bottling champagnes under his own name for several years, separately from the range of his father Gerard. He has arranged some 1er cru vineyards by height, specific terroir and the various cépages.

Clément produces remarkable wines from his 3 hectares in Chamery, on the north side of La Montagne. The long fermentations and aging of his 'vins clairs' in old barrels ensure complex and vinous champagnes. Together with befriended winemakers (and practically neighbors) Aurelien Lurquin and Emilien Feneuil, you can safely call them the three musketeers of the Montagne de Reims. Certainly when it comes to advanced biodynamic viticulture, of which they are great advocates, and which contrasts sharply with the mostly traditional winemaking that is still widely used in Champagne.

The top of his vineyards, where the soil is thinnest and the vines are close to the chalk, is planted with chardonnay. These grapes are bottled as 1er Cru Blanc de Blancs. Further down the slope, the ground becomes more sandy and the two pinots (meunier and noir) join the chardonnay to form the holy trinity of Champagne. These grapes are bottled as Chamery 1er Cru. Below the sand is an area of clay that is perfect for pinot noir. This cuvée is bottled as 1er Cru Blanc de Noirs. Clement’s champagnes are incredibly pure and precise and benefit from decantation.

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Clement Perseval

Wines from from Clement Perseval

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