Wines from Nicolas Pavie

Nicolas Pavie

Nicolas Pavie is a wine estate where the terms very small-scale, organic, as much handicraft as possible and a unique view on how vines should be treated, predominate. The wine domain started in 2015 with 1 hectare, since 2021 the domain covers 2 hectares.

The domain is divided into 4 vineyards which are harvested and vinified separately. The soil is a combination of sand and clay-limestone, clay-limestone studded with golden stones.

Everything is done by hand and as little as possible with motorized equipment. The aim is tranquility in the vineyard, both in terms of tillage and sound (!). In Nicolas' concept, direct physical contact with the vines is vital to produce the best possible wines.

The harvest is manual in small crates. The maceration lasts 3-4 weeks with whole bunches of grapes based on infusion. The pressing is manual and minimal use is made of a pump. The bottling, corking, labeling and waxing are all done manually.

Production is 1500-4500 bottles per year, depending on the year and quality of the harvest.

The wine is tailor-made haute couture, the wines remind you more of pinot noir than of gamay.

Nicolas Pavie a self made man but learned a lot and still works with Kenjiro Kagami.

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