Wines from Bruyere et Houillon

Bruyere et Houillon

Adeline Houillon and Renaud Bruyère are winemakers from the Jura and create exquisite wines from a number of different grape varieties: Ploussard, Savagnin, Trousseau and Chardonnay. Adeline previously worked at Domaine Pierre Overnoy and Renaud worked at Domaine Tissot. Despite having only 4.5 hectares of low-yielding vines, their production is highly sought after.

Their vineyards for the red wine are located near the small village of Pupillin, a region famous for producing the best from the Ploussard grape made wines.

They follow biodynamic principles and vinify them as naturally as possible. The harvest is done entirely by hand, and nothing is added during the winemaking process, with no filtration or fining. Their respect for terroir contribute to the exceptional quality of their wines, which are highly regarded by connoisseurs.

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Bruyere et Houillon
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