Jim Beam Rye Cream Label 40% NV

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Jim Beam - Rye Cream Label 40% NV Damaged Backlabel
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Distillery Jim Beam
Bottler OB
Serie Cream Label
Bottled for
Distilled date Not Specified
Bottling date 2005
Country United States
Region Clermont, Kentucky
Cask Type New Charred American Oak Casks
Cask Number
Alcohol percentage 40
Volume 0,70
Condition Damaged Backlabel
Label Perfect
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Damaged Backlabel, picture availble upon request.

This is an old vintage bottle and the closure may have deteriorated. When opening care should be taken. The item is sold as described.

Jim Beam Rye Cream Label 40%: A Nostalgic Sip Bottled in 2005

In the expansive world of spirits, Jim Beam continues to carve its legacy with expressions that stand the test of time. The Jim Beam Rye Cream Label, bottled at 40% alcohol by volume and released in 2005, is a testament to the distillery's innovation and commitment to crafting memorable libations.

A Refined Blend: Rye Cream Label

The Jim Beam Rye Cream Label introduces a unique dimension to the distillery's portfolio. With a 40% ABV, this expression combines the robust character of rye with the smooth, creamy notes that distinguish Jim Beam's approach to whiskey craftsmanship.

Bottled in 2005: A Vintage Journey

The year 2005 marked a special chapter in Jim Beam's history, and the Rye Cream Label bottled during this time encapsulates the essence of that era. Each bottle becomes a time capsule, offering a taste of the distinctive characteristics that defined Jim Beam's offerings in the mid-2000s.

A Symphony of Flavors

As the golden elixir is poured, the aroma of rye spices mingles with the inviting notes of creamy sweetness. On the palate, the Rye Cream Label unfolds with a symphony of flavors—hints of vanilla, caramel, and a nuanced warmth that reflects the careful blending and aging process.

The Creamy Label Aesthetic

Beyond the liquid within, the Cream Label's design adds to its allure. The label is a visual journey, reflecting the graphic trends and artistic choices prevalent in 2005. For collectors, this bottle becomes not just a beverage but a piece of history and a delightful addition to the whiskey cabinet.

A Sip of Nostalgia

Jim Beam Rye Cream Label 40%, bottled in 2005, invites enthusiasts to partake in a sip of nostalgia—a journey back to a distinctive era in the distillery's timeline. Whether enjoyed neat or as a creative addition to cocktails, this expression is a delightful reminder of Jim Beam's ongoing commitment to crafting unique and

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