Mortlach 12 Years Old Càrn Mòr Strictly Limited 47.5% 2009

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Distillery Mortlach
Bottler Càrn Mòr
Serie Càrn Mòr Strictly Limited
Bottled for
Distilled date 2009
Bottling date 2022
Country Scotland
Region Speyside
Age 12
Cask Type Barbados Rum Finish
Cask Number
Alcohol percentage 47.5
Volume 0,70
Condition In original container
Label Perfect
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In the heart of Speyside, where the spirit of Scotch whisky weaves through the air, Mortlach Distillery has long been heralded for its robust and characterful expressions. Among the distinguished releases, the Mortlach 12 Years Old Càrn Mòr Strictly Limited takes center stage, a creation by Morrison Scotch Whisky Distillers that pays homage to tradition with a touch of Caribbean flair.

Distilled in the year 2009 and bottled in 2022, this 12-year-old expression is part of the esteemed Càrn Mòr Strictly Limited series—a collection that showcases the artistry of Scotch whisky through carefully selected casks and unique finishes. With a bottling strength of 47.5% alcohol by volume, Mortlach 12 Càrn Mòr promises a sensory journey that is both bold and nuanced.

The defining feature of this release lies in its Barbados Rum Finish. The decision to impart the spirit with the essence of Caribbean rum adds a layer of complexity to the Mortlach character. The marriage of Speyside single malt with the influence of Barbados rum casks results in a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate.

Limited to a mere 942 bottles, Mortlach 12 Càrn Mòr becomes a sought-after gem for enthusiasts and collectors alike. Each bottle is a testament to the meticulous curation of Morrison Scotch Whisky Distillers, showcasing not only the excellence of Mortlach but also the creativity that can be achieved through innovative cask finishes.

Tasting Note:
- Nose: The scents of pineapple, papaya, and overripe bananas greet the senses, leaving a fruity yet fresh impression. The tropical notes from the Barbados rum cask intertwine seamlessly with Mortlach's robust character.
- Taste: The mouthfeel is characteristically rich and heavy-flavored, a signature trait of Mortlach whiskies. The interplay of Speyside malt and Barbados rum influences creates a palate that is both indulgent and intriguing.
- Finish: The finish is reminiscent of an old-fashioned warehouse, heavy with oak and everything one might encounter in a real "Dunnage warehouse" next to the distillery. It's a nod to tradition, grounding the whisky in the essence of Mortlach's heritage.

In conclusion, the Mortlach 12 Years Old Càrn Mòr Strictly Limited is more than a whisky; it's an exploration of contrasts and a celebration of craftsmanship. For those fortunate enough to experience this limited release, it's an invitation to savor the marriage of Speyside tradition and Caribbean innovation—a testament to the versatility and complexity that define the world of Scotch whisky.

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