Longmorn 41 Years Old Cask 5294 Bottled for van Wees 59.4% 1969

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Longmorn - 41 Years Old Cask 5294 Bottled for van Wees 59.4% 1969 In Original Box
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Distillery Longmorn
Bottler Gordon & MacPhail
Serie Reserve
Bottled for van Wees
Distilled date 06.11.1969
Bottling date 06.2011
Country Scotland
Region Speyside
Age 41
Cask Type 1st fill Sherry Butt
Cask Number 5294
Alcohol percentage 59.4
Volume 0,70
Condition In original container
Label Perfect
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In the quiet heart of Speyside, where time seems to slow, Longmorn Distillery has given birth to a masterpiece—Longmorn 41 Years Old Cask 5294. Distilled on June 11, 1969, and bottled in June 2011 by the esteemed Scottish independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail, this rare expression was crafted for Van Wees, the Dutch Importer for the Reserve series. Matured in a 1st fill Sherry Butt at a bold 59.4% ABV, this Longmorn release is a testament to the artistry of aging and the rich influence of Sherry cask maturation.

A Heritage of Longmorn Distillery:

Longmorn Distillery, nestled in the heart of Speyside, is celebrated for its commitment to producing exceptional single malt Scotch whiskies. The Longmorn 41 Years Old Cask 5294 embodies the distillery's legacy, representing the culmination of over four decades of patient maturation and craftsmanship.

Maturation in 1st Fill Sherry Butt:

The choice of a 1st fill Sherry Butt for the maturation of this Longmorn expression adds a layer of depth and complexity to the whisky. The Sherry cask, having previously held the rich and sweet influence of fortified wine, imparts its character to the spirit, creating a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate.

Tasting Notes:

Pouring a dram of the Longmorn 41 Years Old Cask 5294 reveals a liquid treasure of mahogany hues—a visual testament to the lengthy maturation in Sherry wood. The nose is an intricate bouquet of dried fruits, dark chocolate, and a whisper of oak. Raisins, figs, and a touch of orange zest intertwine with the rich Sherry influence, creating an olfactory experience that hints at the opulence within.

On the palate, the whisky unfolds with a velvety texture, delivering a cascade of flavors. The sweetness of Sherry-soaked raisins, toffee, and dark chocolate mingles with the complexity of oak spices, creating a palate that is both indulgent and harmonious. The high alcohol content of 59.4% ABV enhances the intensity of the experience, allowing the robust flavors to linger on the palate.

The finish is a lingering embrace of warmth, with the Sherry influence gradually fading into a symphony of oak, dried fruits, and a subtle nuttiness. Each sip is a celebration of the meticulous aging process and the rich, elegant character that defines this rare Longmorn expression.

Limited Edition Rarity:

With only a limited number of bottles crafted for Van Wees, the Longmorn 41 Years Old Cask 5294 is a true collector's item. The scarcity of this expression adds to its allure, making it a coveted piece for enthusiasts and collectors seeking a rare and distinctive addition to their whisky cabinet.


The Longmorn 41 Years Old Cask 5294 is not just a whisky; it's a symphony of time, craftsmanship, and Sherry elegance. As you savor each sip, you're transported through the decades, experiencing the evolution of flavors and aromas that define this exceptional expression. For those fortunate enough to acquire a bottle, it's not just a purchase; it's an investment in a moment, a connection to the rich history of Longmorn Distillery, and a toast to the timeless allure of Scotch whisky.

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