Benriach 1976 Cask 3031 Bottled for Usquebaugh Society Netherlands 43.1% 1976

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Distillery BenRiach
Bottler OB
Serie Single Cask Bottling
Bottled for Usquebaugh Society
Distilled date 27.04.1976
Bottling date 11.2012
Country Scotland
Region Speyside
Age 36
Cask Type Refill Bourbon Cask
Cask Number 3031
Alcohol percentage 43.1
Volume 0,70
Condition In original Container
Label Perfect
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Professional reviews

Serge Valentin (92)

Any Sherlock will have noticed that this is a sister cask. Colour: gold. Nose: a subtler, slightly toned down version of these tropically-fruity extravaganzas. In a way, that’s even better, because you also get delicate whiffs of roses, ripe Muscat grapes, tinned litchis… But other than that it’s all guavas and papayas again. I’m asking you, who wouldn’t love this? Touches of tin after a few minutes. Mouth: the tropical fruits are dancing on your tongue like there’s no tomorrow, and they’re a little sourer now, more metallic again, perhaps. A wee feeling of silverware. Eating oranges using a silver spoon. Finish: quite long, very fruity, with notes of rotting fruits that make it a bit decadent, in a good way. Comments: I liked this nose a little better than that of the Kinko, and the Kinko’s palate a little better than this one’s.

Whisky Notes (92)

Nose: nicely fruity as expected. Jammy, tropical fruits like mango, passion fruit, papaya and tangerine. Also a slightly brighter side of lemon. Quite some mint and hints of resin. Also some fresh herbal notes in the background and soft spices (a little nutmeg). Closer to #3032 than to #3029 which means it’s not the biggest fruitbomb among these wonderful 1976’s but one of the more complex versions.

Mouth: the same fruitiness, a little more on the sour side now (passion fruits and tons of pink grapefruit). Cranberries maybe. Underneath is some obvious oak, mint and a little ginger.

Finish: still on grapefruits and spices from the oak, slightly drying and fades rather quickly. Maybe a little more oomph could have taken it further.

This one is a few degrees below most other 1976’s (and some of the other Dutch releases will even be around 40%). It might be taking away some of the magic. Let’s repeat though that it’s very high quality and it does have the beautiful tropical fruits that we love so much.

BOW (93)

In the world of Scottish single malt whisky, BenRiach is known for its exceptional quality and remarkable whiskies. One of their most special releases is the BenRiach 1976 36 Years Old Cask 3031, specially bottled for the Usquebaugh Society Netherlands. With an alcohol percentage of 43.1%, this whisky embodies craftsmanship and exclusivity. Let's embark on a journey of discovery and explore the temptation and grandeur of this timeless elixir.

A Vintage Masterpiece:
The BenRiach 1976 36 Years Old Cask 3031 is a masterpiece that reflects the art of whisky-making and the beauty of aging. Distilled in the legendary year of 1976, this whisky has matured for an impressive 36 years in a carefully selected cask. Each drop tells a story of patience and craftsmanship, with the rich flavors and aromas developing and deepening over the years.

Exclusive Bottling:
This exceptional BenRiach is exclusively bottled for the Usquebaugh Society Netherlands, an association known for its passion for rare and special whiskies. With a limited number of bottles on the market, this bottling is a true treasure for collectors and whisky enthusiasts seeking unique and rare expressions.

Abundance of Aromas and Flavors:
The BenRiach 1976 36 Years Old Cask 3031 reveals an abundance of aromas and flavors that enchant the senses. Upon opening the bottle, delightful scents of ripe fruits, honeyed vanilla, and subtle oak rise up. With each sip, the taste buds are treated to a harmonious interplay of dried fruits, spicy notes, and a hint of cloves. The long maturation has resulted in a silky texture and a depth of flavor that is characteristic of whisky of this age and quality.

Usquebaugh Society Netherlands:
The bottling of the BenRiach 1976 36 Years Old Cask 3031 for the Usquebaugh Society Netherlands emphasizes the special bond between this association and BenRiach. As a society that shares a love for Scottish whisky, the Usquebaugh Society Netherlands has built a reputation as a dedicated group of whisky enthusiasts striving to discover exceptional and rare bottlings. This special edition is a tribute to their passion for exclusive whiskies.

An Heirloom for Collectors:
The BenRiach 1976 36 Years Old Cask 3031 is a true heirloom for whisky lovers and collectors. With its limited availability and unique characteristics, this bottling is a valuable addition to any collection. Owning a bottle of this BenRiach is not only a sign of appreciation for the Scottish whisky tradition but also a valuable investment in a piece of whisky history.

The BenRiach 1976 36 Years Old Cask 3031 embodies craftsmanship, exclusivity, and timeless beauty. With its rich aromas, complex flavors, and exclusive bottling for the Usquebaugh Society Netherlands, it is a whisky that quickens the hearts of whisky enthusiasts and collectors. It is a tribute to BenRiach's dedication to quality and craftsmanship, and a true gem in the world of Scottish single malt whisky.

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