Benriach 12 Years Old for International Whisky Society 57% 1994

€ 165,29 (ex Vat)
200,00 (in Vat)

Benriach 12 Years Old for International Whisky Society 57% Damaged Label, Lower filling 1994

ex Vat € 165,29
in Vat € 200,00
Volume 0,70l
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Distillery BenRiach
Bottler OB
Serie International Whisky Society
Bottled for for King's Court
Distilled date 1994
Bottling date 10.2006
Country Scotland
Region Speyside
Age 12
Cask Type Jamaican Dark Rum Barrel
Cask Number 20
Alcohol percentage 57
Volume 0,70
Condition In Original Container
Label Perfect
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BenRiach 12 Years Old International Whisky Society: A Dutch Delight in Jamaican Dark Wood

The world of whisky is a diverse tapestry woven with unique expressions, and the BenRiach 12 Years Old for Kings Court Whisky Society is no exception. Distilled in 1994 and bottled in October 2006, this exceptional release for the King's Court Whisky Society in the Netherlands is a testament to BenRiach's commitment to innovation and craftsmanship. With a robust ABV of 57% and a finishing touch in Jamaican Dark Wood, this limited edition dram of 251 bottles is a journey through a myriad of flavors and aromas.

The Maturation Tale:
The BenRiach 12 Years Old for Kings Court Whisky Society embarked on a maturation journey that spanned over a decade. Distilled in 1994, the whisky spent its formative years in traditional casks before receiving a finishing touch in Jamaican Dark Wood. This unique cask type added a layer of complexity, contributing to the distinctive character that defines this limited edition release.

Tasting Notes:
As the golden elixir fills the glass, it unveils a symphony of aromas and flavors that beckon exploration.

The first encounter is a captivating medley of sweet lime, peat, caramel, and vanilla sugar. Yellow raisins and gingerbread add a comforting sweetness, while a subtle farmy touch lends an earthy dimension. With the addition of water, the nose evolves, revealing notes of orange, grains, and exotic fruits. Very peaty with a hint of new spirit from Kilchoman, the nose further unfolds with nuances of plums, creamy advocaat, almond paste, and a touch of haricots.

On the palate, the BenRiach 12 Years Old delivers a bold and well-balanced experience. Peat and lime take center stage, accompanied by toffee, gingerbread, and a burst of orange. Dark chocolate and strawberries add richness, while a light grassy touch complements the overall profile. Nuances of new spirit, ashes, honey, mango, and rooibos tea contribute to the complexity, creating a taste journey that is as dynamic as it is satisfying.

The grand finale is a lingering symphony of peat, toffee, lime, coffee, and dark chocolate. Briny notes and ashes intermingle with spices, featuring hints of cinnamon and citrusy lemon. The finish is a testament to the enduring character of BenRiach's spirit, leaving a lasting impression that invites contemplation.

The BenRiach 12 Years Old for Kings Court Whisky Society is a Dutch delight that showcases the artistry of BenRiach's distillation and maturation techniques. From the sweet and peaty nose to the well-balanced taste and the complex, lingering finish, this limited edition release is a celebration of the distillery's commitment to pushing boundaries. As enthusiasts savor each sip, they embark on a journey through the Netherlands, where the influence of Jamaican Dark Wood adds a touch of exotic allure to an already exceptional dram.

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