Bunnahabhain The Duchess 15 Years Old Mòine PX Finish Cask 2000085 55.3% 2005

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168,19 (in Vat)
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Distillery Bunnahabahain
Bottler The Duchess
Bottled for
Distilled date 20.12.2005
Bottling date 01.11.2021
Country Scotland
Region Islay
Age 15
Cask Type Pedro Ximénez
Cask Number 2000085
Alcohol percentage 55.3
Volume 0,70
Condition Perfect
Label Perfect

Professional reviews

BOW (90)

Bunnahabhain The Duchess 15 Years Old Mòine PX Finish: A Masterful Expression of Peated Whisky

The Dutch premium independent bottler, The Duchess, has once again astounded whisky enthusiasts with their latest release, the Bunnahabhain 15 Years Old Mòine PX Finish. Known for their exceptional cask selection and consistently high-rated releases, The Duchess has curated a gem that showcases the best of Bunnahabhain's peated style. This particular expression is part of their esteemed GAME & WILDLIFE SERIES, and the influence of the Pedro Ximénez cask during the finishing process adds a unique twist to the classic Bunnahabhain profile.

A Visual Delight:
The moment you set eyes on this whisky, its auburn-tawny color reveals the telltale signs of the Pedro Ximénez finish. While it may not be as dark as some whiskies from PX casks, the subtle sherry cask influence is beautifully evident. The hues of the whisky invite anticipation of the rich flavors that await.

Aromas to Savour:
Upon nosing this exquisite dram, the first whiff immediately introduces the distinguished yet gentle peat smoke, a hallmark of the Mòine expression. Accompanying this is a delightful ensemble of red forest fruits such as blackberries and currants, adding a fruity sweetness to the nose. Lapsang black tea and hints of almonds and chestnuts weave through the background, providing a subtle complexity. As the whisky breathes in the glass, enticing notes of apricots and honey begin to emerge, showcasing Bunnahabhain's signature character.

An Unforgettable Palate:
The mild peat smoke that greeted the senses on the nose takes center stage on the palate, harmonizing effortlessly with the distinct flavors of Mòine and Lapsang Souchong tea. It's as if one is savoring both a remarkable whisky and enjoying a barbeque at the same time. The red forest fruits make a glorious return, with blackcurrants and blackberries lending their lusciousness to the overall flavor profile. The whisky possesses a creamy mouthfeel that further enhances the tasting experience, while the presence of Lapsang Souchong tea leaves an indelible impression.

A Memorable Finish:
The finish of the Bunnahabhain 15 Years Old Mòine PX Finish is a testament to its exceptional craftsmanship. It lingers long on the palate, unveiling layers of flavor complexity. Notes of Shiitake mushrooms, honeycomb, and the sweetness of pear drops intertwine harmoniously, creating a captivating symphony of taste. The finish is further enriched by the presence of apricot marmalade, leaving a delightful impression that invites another sip.

The Bunnahabhain 15 Years Old Mòine PX Finish, bottled by The Duchess, is a testament to the unwavering commitment to excellence in cask selection and whisky maturation. With their GAME & WILDLIFE SERIES, The Duchess continues to elevate the whisky-drinking experience, and this expression stands tall among their portfolio. The marriage of Bunnahabhain's peated style and the influence of the Pedro Ximénez cask has resulted in a whisky that surpasses all expectations. The balance of peat smoke, red forest fruits, and nuanced flavors make this release a triumph for whisky enthusiasts seeking a memorable and distinctive dram.

With the ratings mentioned by bloggers, it is understood that The Duchess has consistently received high praise for their releases, further underscoring their reputation for exceptional cask selections and bottlings.

Malt Fascination (90)

The Duchess have been bottling high quality whisky for a couple of years, as well as really solid rums. Generally, I do a bottle-share whenever a new whisky is being released (if within my means), but this one I missed somehow. With it scoring well over 89 points on average, I decided it was rather high time to correct that omission, and bottle-shared it quite recently.
Bunnahabhain is an Islay distillery originally known for their unpeated whiskies, but with the smoky stuff being in high demand, they made a switch to a more ‘Bruichladdich style’ quite a while ago. So, under their ‘Mòine’ range they release a peated spirit, and under the Staoisha range there’s a heavily peated whisky available.
So, a gently peated Bunnahabhain, finished in a sherry cask. Older Bunnahabhains tend to score well, really well. This one being a bit younger and from a sherry cask instead of the far more regular bourbon casks is a different approach, but the already high rating made me very curious!
The nose starts with a gorgeous combination of sherry, peat and quite a lot of oak. There is a bunch of dried fruits and almonds. Apricots and plums, with quite a lot of bitter notes.
The palate continues with the bitterness. Lots of nuts and dried fruit. Almonds, apricots, plums (with stones). There’s a lot of oak and a bit of a coarse texture. It is a cask strength whisky but apart from the alcohol heat there’s also some chili peppers, and a very gentle smokiness.
The finish starts with a bit of an afterburner in regards to peppery bite, but also shows the sweeter side of sherry. Lots of oak, lots of dried fruits, a bit of smoke.
There is so much happening here! Great stuff. The smoke is quite restrained, but noticeable. It gives the whisky an extra dimension and therefore more complexity. Thoroughly enjoyable, and highly recommended!

Bunnahabhain - The Duchess 15 Years Old Mòine PX Finish Cask 2000085 55.3% 2005

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