Bunnahabhain 8 Years Old Gleann Mór Spirits 50% 2012

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Distillery Bunnahabhain
Bottler Gleann Mór Spirits
Bottled for
Distilled date 02.2012
Bottling date 02.2020
Country Scotland
Region Islay
Age 8
Cask Type
Cask Number 8
Alcohol percentage 50
Volume 0,70
Condition Perfect
Label Perfect
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Bunnahabhain 8 Years Old Gleann Mór Spirits: A Captivating Islay Single Malt

Bunnahabhain distillery, situated near Port Askaig on the picturesque island of Islay, has been crafting exceptional single malt Scotch whiskies since its establishment in 1881. Among the wide array of spirits produced on Islay, Bunnahabhain stands out as a milder expression, offering a unique and captivating taste profile. One such remarkable release is the Bunnahabhain 8 Years Old by independent bottler Gleann Mór Spirits, distilled in February 2012 and bottled in February 2020 at a robust 50% ABV.

With a rich history that spans over a century, Bunnahabhain has experienced various ownership changes throughout its existence. Initially owned by the Islay Distillery Company, it was later acquired by the Highland Distilleries Company in 1887. In its early years, the distillery relied on shipments by sea, with a road to the distillery only being constructed in 1960. The final maritime delivery occurred in 1993. Bunnahabhain faced a period of closure from 1981 to 1984 but was revived in response to increased demand for its exceptional whisky. In 2003, it became a part of Burn Stewart Distillers, which later merged with Distell in 2014. Today, Bunnahabhain stands proudly as one of the ten active distilleries on the captivating Isle of Islay.

The name Bunnahabhain itself holds meaning, derived from the Scottish Gaelic words "Bun na h-Abhainne," which translates to "Mouth of the River." This name is a testament to the distillery's location, nestled near the river mouth on Islay's northeastern coast.

The Bunnahabhain 8 Years Old Gleann Mór Spirits bottling exemplifies the spirit's character and allure. This expression, distilled in February 2012 and aged for eight years, showcases the artistry and craftsmanship of both Bunnahabhain and the independent bottler Gleann Mór Spirits. Bottled in February 2020, this whisky boasts a generous 50% ABV, which contributes to its depth and intensity of flavors.

As a milder Islay whisky, the Bunnahabhain 8 Years Old offers a departure from the peat-forward profiles commonly associated with the island's spirits. It presents a complex and harmonious combination of aromas and flavors. On the nose, one can detect enticing notes of vanilla, honey, and gentle coastal brine. These aromas entwine with hints of tropical fruits and a subtle whiff of smoke, creating an inviting olfactory experience.

Upon the first sip, the whisky unfolds its intricate palate, revealing layers of flavor. Rich and creamy vanilla notes dance alongside sweet honey, creating a luscious and indulgent mouthfeel. The coastal influence emerges, bringing forth delicate brine and a gentle sea breeze character. The tropical fruit notes observed on the nose continue to delight the palate, adding a vibrant and refreshing element to the overall taste experience. The smoky undertones, while subtle, provide a captivating backdrop, enhancing the complexity of the whisky.

The Bunnahabhain 8 Years Old Gleann Mór Spirits is a testament to the quality and craftsmanship that both Bunnahabhain and Gleann Mór Spirits are renowned for. It captures the essence of Islay's diverse whisky landscape, showcasing a milder and more approachable profile while still preserving the distinctive character of the island's spirits.

Whether you are a seasoned whisky enthusiast or a curious newcomer, the Bunnahabhain 8 Years Old Gleann Mór Spirits is a remarkable expression that deserves a place in your collection. Its intriguing combination of flavors, balanced maturity, and the allure of Islay make it a truly captivating single malt Scotch whisky. Cheers to the artisans who crafted this exceptional release, allowing us to savor the essence of Islay in every sip.

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