Big Peat Beach BBQ Edition Feis Ile 2022 54.2% NV

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Distillery Caol Ila, Bowmore, Ardbeg, Port Ellen
Bottler Douglas Laing
Serie Beach BBQ Edition Feis Ile 2022
Bottled for Feis Isle 2022
Distilled date Not Specified
Bottling date 2022
Country Scotland
Region Islay
Cask Type
Cask Number
Alcohol percentage 54.2
Volume 0,70
Condition In Original Container
Label Perfect
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BOW (88)

Every year when Fèis ìle, the whisky festival on the whisky island, is held, Douglas Laing comes up with a special bottling. You could see it as a fine tradition. For the 2022 edition, we are therefore going to the border of sea and land to have a delicious BBQ there with the Big Peat Beach BBQ Edition Feis Ile 2022.

As natural as it gets
And while we are talking about traditions, it might also be good to know that Douglas Laing traditionally bottle their whiskies as naturally as possible: The whisky is not cold filtered. This is to ensure that all the flavor is kept when the whisky goes into the bottle. The whisky is also not colored.
To make this Fèis le Edition extra spicy, it has also been bottled at its natural cask strength, of no less than 54.2%! If you have this delicious malt in your glass, it is of course no shame to put a drop of (rain) water in it. Of course it is entirely up to you how you enjoy your whisky. We do recommend that you try it alongside a delicious piece of meat from the BBQ. Whether you want to stand in the rain or shine is entirely up to you.
Islay blended malt whisky
For the whiskies of each Remarkable Regional Malt, Douglas Laing's master blender selects a small number of whiskies from one specific region. For example, a small number of barrels of single malt are used to compose a whisky that typifies the taste of the region.
For the Big Peat bottlings, these are always the unique whiskies from the west Scottish island of Islay. The island is known for the many whisky distilleries that often use local peat to dry the malt. The characteristic smoky character that comes into the whisky as a result has given the island a real cult status among whisky lovers. Big Peat uses some of these signature whiskies. Caol Ila, for example, provides the sweetness in the blend. Bowmore for the balance, Ardbeg for the medicinal and earthy notes and Port Ellen for a touch of elegance.

Tasting Notes:
The nose mainly shows the smoky peated character of the hand-selected Islay single malt whiskies that have been chosen for this Limited Edition blended malt. Furthermore, it is like standing on the beach next to a campfire, in which a piece of peat is smoldering.
The taste reflects the character of Big Peat. Large and firm, due to the peated smokiness and the alcohol percentage of 54.2%. The smoke comes into its own here, of course, supplemented with a nice sweetness (which goes perfectly with a good piece of meat from the BBQ!).
The long and peat smoked finish takes you on a long beach walk on the Scottish island of Islay.

Slainte Mhath!

Big Peat - Beach BBQ Edition Feis Ile 2022 54.2% NV

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