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Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist 2006 46% 1990

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Serie Airigh Nam Beist
Bottled for X
Distilled date 1990
Bottling date 2006
Country Scotland


Age 16
Cask Type Oak Cask
Cask Number L6 313 15:26 4ML
Alcohol percentage 46
Volume 0,70
Condition In Original Container
Stock 0

Airigh Nam Beist 1990 is a delicious vintage bottling from the ongoing success story that is Ardbeg. Sadly now discontinued due to exhausted stocks, `the Beist` was an extremely popular Ardbeg, with assertive and powerful peatiness and a lovely honeyed edge. Oh, and it`s pronounced `Arry nam Baysht`.

Serge Valentin (91)

A brand new version that should be steadily available from now on. Like Uigeadail, the unpronouceable name is a lake's. Sort of replacement for the 17yo I guess… Colour: straw. Nose: starts smokier and also much more medicinal than both the old 17 yo and the current 10yo. Bold notes of iodine and Mercurochrome, getting then very mineral (flints, coal) and nicely sour (lemon, fresh walnut skin). Goes on with whiffs of sea air and a little diesel oil, lamp petrol…Really sharp – great here – and uncompromising, with a ‘nasal finish’ on raw peated barley and wood smoke, with kind of an enjoyable acridness. Very different from its colleagues Uigeadail and 10yo, with no fruits or roundness whatsoever. Maybe the bad boy in the range? Mouth: extremely consistent, just as nicely sharp as the nose suggested. The attack is slightly salty, very lemony and quite peppery, with kind of a greenness (apple skin, green tea, very dry white wine). A tad less smoky than on the nose. Lots of fresh bitter almonds, a little paraffin, strong cough syrup… Petrol (not that I already tried that), grapefruit skin… It’s juts at the rather long finish that a little sweetness comes through (apple compote) together with quite some salt and spices (green curry). Excellently sharp – a great, great surprise, this new Ardbeg!

4.1 stars - 1 professional reviews
Airigh Nam Beist 2006 46%


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