Ardnamurchan AD/04:21 Paul Launois First Release 57.6% NV

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185,00 (in Vat)
Ardnamurchan - AD/04:21 Paul Launois First Release 57.6% NV
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Distillery Ardnamurchan
Bottler OB
Serie Paul Launois Release
Bottled for
Distilled date 2014/2015
Bottling date 2021
Country Scotland
Region Highlands
Age 5
Cask Type Le Mesnil-sur-Oger Barrique Finish
Cask Number AD/04:21
Alcohol percentage 57.6
Volume 0,70
Label Perfect
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Professional reviews

BOW (87)

Ardnamurchan currently produces both peated and unpeated spirits. As they describe it themselves, “a full flavoured malt” that represents its West Highland origin.

This single malt contains both peated and unpeated malts, matured on Bourbon as well as Sherry oak casks.

It is a nice, gentle dram with notes of greasy wax and honeycomb. It is mildly peated and floral at the same time, with hints of rose petals and peach.

Malt Fascination (88)

Paul Launois is, apparently, a Champagne. I haven’t been paying much attention to that. But anyway, a wine finish in a way, so it can go either way. Ardnamurchan has already proven to produce a tremendous spirit. Doing well on the regular releases, so I’m curious to see what Paul Launois brings to the table.

This one was tasted next to the AD 04.21.03 (third release) Ardnamurchan.

A very interesting layer of glue covering the more regular fresh grainy character. Complex. After some breathing time the idea of a bouquet of flowers arises. The “Le Mesnil-sur-Oger Barrique Finish” sure adds a nice value.

It feels like a more traditional exotically finished whisky. Not unlike a Madeira finish for instance. A nice and juicy, but also a tad bitter arrival. Then a sour note that introduces the finish.

A sour exit that lingers in a gentle way. Rather fizzy, very French. It’s hard to believe this has such a high ABV. Very smooth.

A most impressive balance. The Paul Launois finish sure feels like a keeper for future releases. No weird off-notes. I wonder what this will do to a regular aged 10 year old Ardnamurchan.

Ardnamurchan - AD/04:21 Paul Launois First Release 57.6% NV

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