Springbank 10 Years Old Rundlets & Kilderkins 49.4% 2001

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750,02 (in Vat)
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Distillery Springbank
Bottler OB
Serie Rundlets & Kilderkins
Bottled for
Distilled date 11.2001
Bottling date 01.2012
Country Scotland
Region Campbeltown
Age 10
Cask Type Rundlets & Kilderkins (Small Casks)
Cask Number
Alcohol percentage 49.4
Volume 0,70
Condition In Original Box
Label Perfect

Professional reviews

BOW (89)


Nose: starts on hay and nutmeg and gets then more syrupy with hints of dried fruits, toffee and honey. Hints of nougat, roasted nuts and milk chocolate. There is some pepper and herbs but it’s certainly not woody. Nice to find a couple of coastal notes as well, even a very soft farmy / medicinal veil. Mouth: oily and pretty smoky now, really nice. Great balance between honeyed sweetness (rhubarb, peach jam, raisins) and spices from the oak (pepper, cinnamon). Hints of caramelized apple. Tobacco and leather. Full-flavoured, really good. Finish: medium long, sherried, with pecan nuts, toffee, liquorice and a lingering maritime edge.

A very rich and well-made Springbank, taken out of the casks at the perfect moment. I’d be happy to see more experiments like this, or even a regular “small cask” release in the core range?

Serge Valentin (87)

olour: full gold. Nose: starts rather smoky, with something clearly Longrowish, which cannot displease us. Goes on with some freshly brewed coffee, toasted brioche, chocolate, honeydew and maybe touches of pu-erh tea, then more damp earth and roasted nuts. Springbank's slight farminess shines through ('clean' manure), as well as whiffs of hessian and wet cloth. Very, very nice nose. Mouth: it's certainly rougher and less complex now, but still pretty excellent. Bitter chocolate, leather, tobacco and then a lot of liquorice wood and a kind of fino-ish character (walnut liqueur). Sucking on an unlit Havana cigar. Finish: long, pleasantly bitter (tobacco and walnuts again). Comments: it's a big dram, more complex on the nose than on the palate but that's very often the case with youngsters that have seen quite some oak. Anyway, I think it's pretty excellent.

Gal Granov (91)

It’s not everyday that Springbank releases a new expression and this one has also a unique

name , unlike most other springers who have only a vintage or a year indication. As it seems Rundlets and Kilderkins are two different measuring units for liquids , which were used in olden days. The Springbank site also tells the tale of a lady caught smuggling in Campbeltown which was a smuggling center during the 17th and the 18th centuries : she was brought in front of the sheriff, and was found guilty. before passing her sentence the Sheriff remarked that he supposed she had not often been found guilty of this crime – to which she replied that she hadn’t made a drop since the last Rundlet she had made for him!!

Back to 2012. Released at 49.4% ABV and Non chill filtered, no coloring added, this one was matured in smaller casks (80 and 60 liter) which should change the flavor profile and mature the whisky in a shorter time (more surface area). Ok, enough talk, off to taste this one.
Nose: brine, toasted oak, vanilla and chocolate. lots of toffee but with a lemony tang. Fresh as well. It’s very much like having ‘Werthers Original’ candy on the beach.

Palate: Bam! What an entry sweet Cocoa. Brine, peat. Creamy. Lots of toffee candy engulfed with chocolate

Finish : Creamy, chocolate covered fudge.

All in all an excellent whisky, from Springbank, quite different than the other versions in the same age, sweeter, and much more chocolaty and toffee, but without giving away the briny salty notes we so like in our Springbanks. Feels much older than it’s 10 years of age. I love it. true greatness in a bottle. Keep it coming!

OTHER (87)

Words Of Whisky:

Color Russetmuscat
Plenty of dark spices, nutmeg mainly, but some cloves as well. Dates, polished leather, honey and plenty of vanilla too. But is has a certain coastal quality too, with a whiff of smoke.
Oily mouthfeel (which is always a plus). And the smoke is a lot more present now. A bit of peat too. Sweet and spicy pretty much sums it up. Honey, chocolate and brown sugar with black pepper and cloves.
Medium in length, sweet sherry, burned caramel and medium smokiness.
Excellent whisky and not at all too oak-y. An example of a NAS-whisky done right.

Springbank - 10 Years Old Rundlets & Kilderkins 49.4%  2001

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