Longrow Moon Import The Birds Cask 1731 46% 1973

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Distillery Springbank
Bottler Mooin Import
Serie The Birds
Bottled for
Distilled date 1973
Bottling date 1990
Country Scotland
Region Campbeltown
Age 17
Cask Type Hogshead
Cask Number 1731
Alcohol percentage 46
Volume 0,75
Condition In original container
Label Perfect
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Professional reviews

Serge Valentin (94)

Remember Longrow used to be the name of an old Distillery in Campbeltown (1824-1896), way before Springbank decided to start making a peatier, double-distilled make and to name it 'Longrow'. Also remember peaters where in high demand at that time, while Islay was having difficulty supplying the amounts the blenders were asking for. 1973 was the first vintage of 'new Longrow' ever available and, in my book and together with 1974 and probably 1987, the best. Colour: light gold. Nose: how splendid! It all starts with some old Comté cheese, we then move towards candied citrus and spent engine oil, as well as many tiny cooking herbs and little-known berries, plus linseed oil. All you need to add is canvasses, turpentine and old oil paint and presto, you've got a Van Gogh or a Monet. Quite. Mouth: we're not that far from quasi-neighbours Ardbeg in similar vintages. Sublime petroly notes, oils, tar, also a much subtler saline, coastal side, with small oysters and various seashells. As often in old peaters, candied citrus are dancing a jig in the background, together with bits of putty and linoleum. Forget about wood, only time, in cask and in glass, can generate this. Finish: lovely length, while we're rather on great lemony and chalky white wines this time. Around Sancerre, for example. Comments: how the h*ll did they manage to produce such a perfect beauty right from the first vintage? And where did they put the recipe? Kudos to pioneers Moon Import too, and to il signor Mongiardino.

BOW (93)

In our humble opinion, this is a holy grail for the whisky enthusiast.

This is an old vintage bottle and the closure may have deteriorated; When opening care should be taken. The item is sold as described.

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