Arran 25 Years Old Single Cask Bottled for Van Wees 100th Anniversary Cask 1995/399 49.3% 1995

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Distillery Arran
Bottler OB
Serie Single Cask
Bottled for Van Wees 100th Anniversary 1921-2021
Distilled date 19.12.1995
Bottling date 12.10.2021
Country Scotland
Region Arran
Age 25
Cask Type Sherry Hogshead
Cask Number 1995/399
Alcohol percentage 49.3
Volume 0,70
Condition In Original Wooden Box
Label Perfect
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Arran 25 Years Old Single Cask: A Celebration of Van Wees' 100th Anniversary

Situated on the picturesque Isle of Arran, the Arran Distillery is known for crafting exceptional whiskies that embody the natural beauty and character of its surroundings. One such remarkable expression is the Arran 25 Years Old Single Cask, specially bottled for Van Wees' 100th Anniversary. This whisky, matured in a Sherry Hogshead, represents a collaboration between two esteemed entities in the whisky world.

Van Wees, a renowned Dutch importer and distributor of fine and rare Scotch whisky spirits, has been a pioneer in the industry for a century. To celebrate this milestone, they have partnered with Arran Distillery to select a remarkable cask that showcases the expertise and dedication of both parties.

Distilled on December 19, 1995, and bottled on October 12, 2021, this single cask release has been patiently maturing for 25 years, allowing the flavors to develop and harmonize over time. With an ABV of 49.3%, it offers a full-bodied and robust experience that captivates the senses.

As one pours a dram of the Arran 25 Years Old Single Cask, they are greeted by a rich and enticing aroma. The influence of the Sherry Hogshead cask is immediately apparent, with notes of dried fruits, dark chocolate, and a hint of warm spices, all delicately interwoven.

On the palate, the whisky delivers a symphony of flavors. Sweet and luscious sherry-soaked raisins dance alongside rich dark chocolate and toasted oak, creating a luxurious and indulgent taste experience. Subtle hints of orange zest and baking spices add depth and complexity, ensuring that each sip reveals new layers of flavor.

The long maturation period has bestowed upon this whisky a velvety-smooth mouthfeel, allowing the flavors to coat the tongue in a gentle embrace. The finish is long-lasting, with the complexity of the Sherry Hogshead lingering on the palate, inviting contemplation and appreciation.

The Arran 25 Years Old Single Cask is not only a testament to the craftsmanship and expertise of Arran Distillery but also a fitting tribute to Van Wees' 100th Anniversary. The collaboration between these two esteemed entities has resulted in a whisky that exemplifies the dedication and passion shared by both.

Presented in a specially designed bottle, adorned with the Van Wees 100th anniversary notification on the label and marking the centenary anniversary, this limited edition release is a collector's dream. Its rarity and exclusivity make it a prized addition to any whisky collection, as well as a symbol of Van Wees' enduring commitment to providing premium spirits to discerning connoisseurs.

In conclusion, the Arran 25 Years Old Single Cask, bottled for Van Wees' 100th Anniversary, is a testament to the artistry, craftsmanship, and celebration of exceptional whisky. With its exquisite flavors, matured in a Sherry Hogshead, it embodies the essence of both Arran Distillery and Van Wees, creating a whisky experience that is truly unforgettable. Here's to the Van Wees' century of excellence and to the continued success of Arran Distillery in crafting exceptional whiskies.

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