Teeling 15 Years Old Amburana Cask 6210 Specially Selected for the Duchess 57.8% 2006

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Distillery Teeling
Bottler Teeling Whiskey Company
Serie Single Cask
Bottled for The Duchess Exclusive
Distilled date 2006
Bottling date 02.2022
Country Ireland
Region Dublin
Age 15
Cask Type Virgin Amburana Brazilian hardwood
Cask Number 6210
Alcohol percentage 57.8
Volume 0,70
Condition In Original Container
Label Perfect

Professional reviews

BOW (91)

This is a Best of Whiskies exclusive

Nose: This is very much carrot cake and Christmas cake alike. Packed with flavors of Cinnamon and five spices, nutmeg and almonds. The nose evolves into more of marzipan savors.

Taste: The before mentioned spices are again eminent. The marzipan is also there and liquorish! The sweet side brings us baked apples, carrot and Christmas cake, vanilla spices and nuts such as macadamia’s.

Finish: a very long and lingering spicy finish
Comments: A dram you never tasted before. A instant love affair with this dram.

OTHER (87)

Amburana is a type of Brazilian hardwood. These asks are typically used to age cachaça, the sugarcane aguardente. While not an allowed cask type in Scotch whisky production, other producers like Plantation (rum), WhistlePig (American whiskey) and recently also Teeling used it to add a unique twist to its Irish single malt whiskey.
There was a Wonders of Wood release and now Dutch bottler The Duchess presented an exclusive single cask release that was finished in Amburana wood.
Nose: a very typical aroma of apple crumble, with baked yellow apple as well as some buttery notes and cinnamon sugar. Star anise and golden raisins. Then some coconut shavings, marzipan aroma and a whiff of tonka beans. There’s a hint of vanilla frosting as well. Quite nice, almost a baker’s whisky.
Mouth: more of this baked apple and cinnamon combination, although there’s now a (harsher) woody side to it, with an earthy edge. Liqourice, ginger and a faint tannic / bitter note. Resinous hints. Then some fruit and honey granola as well. The fruitiness of the spirit is still there (some apricot maybe) but the alcoholic side and a spiciness tend to overtake it a little.
Finish: long, with the spice lingering on. Cinnamon, pepper and nutmeg until it dies. Still hints of baked apple.
The cinnamon and baked apple pie in this Teeling Amburana is quite unique. Teeling says these casks lead to carrot cake flavours and they’re right. It’s a successful experiment but I’m not sure I could drink a whole bottle of this.

Teeling - 15 Years Old Amburana Cask 6210 Specially Selected for the Duchess 57.8% 2006

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