The Lakes Distillery The One Manzanilla Cask 2022 46.6% NV

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Distillery The Lakes Distillery
Bottler OB
Serie The One
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Distilled date Not Specified
Bottling date 2022
Country England
Region England
Cask Type Manzanilla Cask Finish
Cask Number
Alcohol percentage 46.6
Volume 0,70
Condition In original container
Label Perfect
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The Lakes The One Manzanilla Cask 2022: A Symphony of Complexity and Creativity

Nestled in the picturesque Lake District National Park, The Lakes Distillery is a beacon of innovation and creativity in the world of whisky. Embracing the spirit of risk-taking and challenging convention, this new distillery has set out to craft whiskies that truly reflect the essence of their location. Among their exceptional creations is The Lakes The One Manzanilla Cask 2022, a masterpiece that showcases their dedication to pushing the boundaries while honoring the heritage of whisky-making.

At the core of The Lakes Distillery's approach lies a holistic view of whisky-making. They see it as a continuum, where every step is interconnected, and each element influences the final result. This unique perspective allows them to fully comprehend the possibilities of flavor creation throughout the entire journey of the spirit through their distillery. Unusually, their whiskymaker is actively involved at every stage, ensuring that their vision is faithfully carried through from start to finish.

The creation of The One Manzanilla Cask 2022 begins with the careful selection of raw ingredients. Opting for unpeated malted barley dried without smoke, the distillery ensures a clean and fruit-forward new make spirit. The addition of pure heated water from the Lake District National Park breaks down the grain, releasing its sugars. The slower mashing process and recirculation of water further refine the spirit, resulting in a fruitier and clearer wort.

For The Lakes Distillery, flavor creation is not something to be rushed or compromised. Their signature style is sherry-led, wood-forward, and packed with flavor, and they demand a robust and fruity new make spirit that can be beautifully enhanced during maturation. Inspired by the art of perfumers who create new scents through a pyramid of aromas, the distillery employs a combination of three different yeast strains during fermentation, creating multiple layers of flavor. The extended fermentation time of 96 hours allows for malolactic fermentation, producing the desired complexity and creamy texture that contribute to a rounder and fuller mouthfeel.

Creating continuity of character is of paramount importance to The Lakes Distillery. Through countless trials, their automated spirit-making process ensures quality and consistency with every distillate. Distillation takes place in both wash and copper-pot stills, with a slow and long process that maximizes the alcohol vapors' contact with the copper still. This careful approach results in a fruitier and more robust spirit, ideally complementing the maturation process in the finest sherry seasoned oak casks.

Whisky maturation at The Lakes Distillery is a meticulous and involved process. The type of oak and the liquid used to season the casks have a significant impact on the maturing spirit, contributing to over 80% of the flavor and nearly all of the natural color. Their bespoke casks, carefully controlled in terms of oak type, drying time, toasting levels, and seasoning, imbue the spirit with unique personalities that work in harmony to create layers of depth and complexity.

The art of blending, often overlooked in discussions of single malts, takes center stage at The Lakes Distillery. It is a dynamic involvement that brings together multiple layers of flavor from different casks in perfect harmony, adding complexity and depth to the final whisky. Blending is not a task that can be executed by a computer or tick list; instead, it requires the expertise, creativity, and taste of the master blender to achieve perfection.

The Lakes The One Manzanilla Cask 2022 is the culmination of all these extraordinary efforts. Bottled in 2022, this whisky is a true testament to the distillery's vision and dedication to crafting exceptional spirits that defy convention and embrace creativity. The harmonious symphony of flavors in The One Manzanilla Cask 2022 takes whisky enthusiasts on an unforgettable journey, offering a taste of the Lake District's beauty and the artistry of The Lakes Distillery in every sip.

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