Tiki Lovers Pineapple Dark Rum 45% NV

€ 18,00 (ex Vat)
21,78 (in Vat)
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Distillery Tiki Lovers
Bottler Tiki Lovers
Serie X
Bottled for Haromex Development GMBH
Distilled date X
Bottling date X
Country Caribbean
Region Caribbean
Age X
Cask Type X
Cask Number X
Alcohol percentage 45
Volume 0,70
Condition NO OC
Label Perfect

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The Tiki Lovers Pineapple is an aromatic blend flavored with Pineapple and consists of different rums from sourced from Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Guyana.
The core basis for the Tiki Lovers Pineapple is a mix of well-made Jamaican pot Still rum, a full bodied rum from Barbados and unmatured Column Still rum from Trinidad and Guyana. This unique combination is combined by the exotic pineapple and guarantees an incomparable aroma.
Aroma: A fruity, sweet aroma. Pineapple and fried bananas, honey, vanilla, green apples and pears.
Taste: pineapple, coconut.
Finish: long, warm and powerful.
The Tiki Lovers Pineapple is a really successful product, unique in all its facets.

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