The best Cheval Blanc in two decades!

The best Cheval Blanc in two decades!

Chateau Cheval Blanc 1985

The Cheval Blanc 1985 has always been a true beauty, although it was also very closed in the past decades. We have tasted the wine several times and each time we noticed that it was still improving. Therefore it is a wine that we like to open every once in a while. ## A few months ago, we had a vertical tasting of Cheval Blanc and this vintage was one of the highlights. So, when we had a dinner last week we brought this wine with us to enjoy it again.


1985 had quite a rough start with very cold temperatures; January of that year even recorded the coldest temperatures since 1956 (the year that many vines in Bordeaux were destroyed by the frost). The following months were quite average, but it was a perfect September that saved the wines in Bordeaux. The quality of Merlot was excellent, so the best wines can be found in Pomerol. The vineyards in Saint Emillion did not so well that year, except for one: Chateau Cheval Blanc. 


After opening the bottle, you will find the very fine Cabernet Franc tones, full of herbs, chocolate, leather, and plums. The wine is medium bodied, elegant and very well balanced. The finish is very intense.


We can now truly say that this wine has been the best release of Cheval Blanc in the 70s and 80s. After all these years the wine has finally come out of the stage where it can be considered as young. However, you can definitely still drink this Cheval Blanc for at least the next ten years.


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