Wines from Pascal Cotat

Pascal Cotat

Pascal Cotat is widely recognized as one of the most prominent domaines in Sancerre, known for crafting traditional-style wines aged in oak. These remarkable wines possess an exceptional aging potential, effortlessly maturing for decades, while skillfully balancing opulent richness with precise focus and vitality. The production is very limited as the vineyards only measure 2.5 hectares of vineyards, so these wines are very sought after.

The history of domaine Pascal Cotat goed back to the early 20th century when Ferdinand Thomas, a relative of the family Cotat returned home after the first world war in the early 20’s. During this period, the vineyards were still recovering from the devastation of phylloxera, and Sancerre had not yet gained the recognition it enjoys today. Ferdinand Thomas acquired several vineyards and started the domaine as a vigneron.

The wines of Pascal Cotat, including the famous Sancerre La Grande Cote and les Mont Damnes, but also the Chavignol Rose, Les Culs de Beaujeu and Caillottes score 90+ points by renowned wine journalists and reviewers.

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Pascal Cotat

Wines from from Pascal Cotat

Sancerre la Grande Cote  |  Sancerre Les Monts Damne
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