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Chateau Pomeaux

Chateau Pomeaux's vineyards, spanning 2.2 hectares, were originally part of Chateau Taillefer, one of the oldest domaines in the Pomerol, records go back to at least 1785. In 1998, the current owner purchased Chateau Pomeaux.

Located on the southeastern slope of the Pomerol plateau, Chateau Pomeaux is situated on a perfect location with clay and iron subsoil, alongside other prestigious wine domaines such as Chateau Petrus, Chateau Le Pin, and Vieux Chateau Certain, as well as prestigious neighbors Chateau Cheval Blanc and Chateau Figeac.

Chateau Pomeaux exclusively grows Merlot grapes, with an average vine age of 45 years, allowing for the production of the highest quality wines. Grapes are hand-picked and hand selected through pruning, green harvests and late picking to ensure maximum maturity.

Following the selection process, the grapes undergo maceration and fermentation in large oak tanks and malolactic fermentation in small new oak barrels. Aging is done in new oak barrels.

Chateau Pomeaux has employed organic and biodynamic farming methods, using only non-chemical fertilizers and pest control.

Chateau Pomeaux produces a small annual quantity of only 8,000 bottles of high quality wine, highlighting the owner's commitment to sacrificing quantity for quality. The vineyard's dedication to terroir and the use of top viticulture and winemaking techniques result in exclusive, rich, and complex wines that have received praise from professional wine journalists.

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Chateau Pomeaux
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