Wines from Cloudburst


Located in the Australia’s southwestern Margaret River region, a district well-known for its biodiverse richness and self-sufficiency, Cloudburst embraces its heritance with great pride and respect. Cloudburst offers a decent, yet highest quality range of Australian wines, representing Chardonnay,- Cabernet Sauvignon- and Malbec wines. One example of the most regarded Cloudburst wines is the Cloudburst 2013 Chardonnay, a fruity and medium-bodied white wine with tones of ginger and citrus.

The winery is located on the border of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, just two miles away from the shore of the Indian Ocean. Cool ocean breezes provide for a steady maturation of the grapes, resulting in the best quality and complexity of taste.

Cloudburst works with a biodynamical approach only. The vines at Cloudburst are maintained by the use of biological nutrition such as seaweed- and fish emulsions and homeopathic substances. Remarkably enough, the vines at Cloudburst aren’t irrigated manually. The vine’s roots are subjected to a natural seasonal water cycle, which provides for a constant supply of water. Therefore, Cloudburst wine is a loyal representative of the ecological Margaret River region’s self-sufficiency.
Considering the maturation of the grapes, the experts at Cloudburst intervene the natural maturing processes little as possible. The grapes are harvested manually without the use of any machinery, where after the grapes are processed in small quantities to assure the maintenance of the freshness and matureness of the grapes. The vineyards are exposed to every possible natural environmental factors , such as the visiting wildlife living from the surrounding area. There by, Cloudburst wine is produced with great respect to the natural cycles of life, embracing a biodynamic production methodology.

Cloudburst is currently led by proprietor Will Berliner, an American biologist who decided to start his new life in Australia as a wine maker.

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