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Chacra was founded in 2003 by Piero Incisa della Rocchetta in Argentina's Patagonia region. The name Incisa della Rocchetta is certainly no stranger to the wine world, as Marchese Mario Incisa della Rocchetta is the founder of the renowned Sassicaia winery in Bolgheri. Piero is Mario's grandson, so the trade has been instilled in him from an early age. During a tasting in New York, Piero discovers the potential of pinot noir from Argentina. After a visit to Patagonia, he knows for sure; producing high-quality Argentine pinot noir and chardonnay will be his new mission.

After a long search for the best terroir, he finds the suitable spot in the town of Mainqué in Patagonia's Río Negro province. Here, a 'chacra' is a piece of land designated for fruit growing. In addition, according to traditional Indian culture, chakras are the energy points in our bodies that connect to everything in the universe. Piero: "Wine is a product and that touches all our senses. I want to strengthen that connection, which is why I chose the name Chacra".

The vineyard was planted back in 1932 and still consists of the original, ungrafted vines. To maintain them as carefully as possible, they apply biodynamic regulations. Besides increasing biodiversity, this also ensures pure and clean wines. Furthermore, the terroir is characterised by cool winds from the Andes mountains, the Río Negro river and loamy soils. A total of 22 hectares of pinot noir and 16 hectares of chardonnay are planted.

Piero works with his friend Jean-Marc Roulot, a renowned winemaker from Burgundy. He supports vineyard maintenance and provides advice on vinification. They choose both cement barrels and used French oak for maturing pinot noir. The two white wines are additionally partly matured in stainless steel tanks. Seven different wines appear from Chacra's cellar, these include Lunita, Barda Treinta y Dos and Mainqué. The wines regularly receive high scores from international wine critics. James Suckling shared his top 100 best wines in the world in 2020 in which Chacra Treinta y Dos 2018 ranked number 1.

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Wines from from Chacra

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