Whiskies from Mosstowie


A rare Speyside single malt, offering a range of exclusive vintage single malt whiskies such as the highly sought-after Mosstowie 1975 Connoisseurs Choice, Mosstowie holds a somewhat special story in its wake. Mosstowie Single Malt Whisky wasn’t produced on a site named “Mosstowie Distillery”, for this distillery doesn’t even exist. Mosstowie wasn’t even produced by the intentions of creating an authentic single malt whisky, as it was initially manufactured to meet the increasing demand for whisky blends.


The production of whisky blends however demanded a various supply of single malt whiskies, which formed an obstacle for traditional operating distilleries. Therefore, Arthur Warren and Alistair Cunningham from Hiram Walker invented the “Lomond Still”. The Lomond Still is very similar to the traditional pot still, the swan neck however is modified with three perforated plates. These so called “rectifier plates” are adjustable in both position and temperature, by which the reflux of the boiling spirit can be controlled, and the whisky’s character gets altered. An incredibly inventive method of creating different types of single malt whiskies, surpassing the necessity of establishing new single malt whisky distilleries!


And so, it happened, two Lomond Stills were installed in the Miltonduff Distillery. Between the years 1964 and 1981, Mosstowie Single Malt Whisky was produced, commissioned by Miltonduff’s owner Hiram Walker. The majority of Mosstowie was processed in blends such as the Ballantine’s Finest, however a small number of casks was acquired by independent bottlers and released as Mosstowie Single Malt Whisky, very rare and limited obtainable.


Considering its somewhat peculiar origin, Mosstowie Single Malt is definitely a stranger in the midst.  Nevertheless, this once pronounced contributor for whisky blends has established its name as a successful and authentic single malt whisky, overshadowing its parent company, the Miltonduff Distillery!

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