Glenlivet Signatory Vintage 30th Anniversary Cask 12/1 43.1% 1973

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Distillery Glenlivet
Bottler Signatory Vintage
Serie 30th Anniversary
Bottled for X
Distilled date 10.12.1973
Bottling date 12.12.2018
Country Scotland
Region Speyside
Age 45
Cask Type Hogsheads + Sherry Butt
Cask Number 12/1
Alcohol percentage 43.1
Volume 0,70
Condition In Original wooden Box
Label Perfect

Professional reviews

BOW (91)

Colour: white wine. Nose: extreme plaster, bandages, crushed aspirin tablets, and almond oil at first nosing. Then a little more fish oil, engine oil, and a little saltpetre as well, but it remains extremely medicinal. They should pour this at hospitals whenever you break an arm or a leg. I agree, in that case more fine people would break legs and arms, so bad idea, please cancel. Mouth: it is extremely paraffiny, austere, with again a lot of aspirin and plaster, some kind of sour cream, some fish oil, green lemons rather than lime, sucking paper, also pencil lead while we are at it… You really need at least two minutes before you start to find gentler flavours such as grapefruits, tangerines, white pepper and ashes, but aspirin and paraffin keep running the show. Finish: long, a little rounder, with maybe a little vanilla, unsweetened apple compote, cod oil, and really a lot of paraffin again in the aftertaste. Plasticine as well as sour/sharp riesling. Mosel? Comments: hate to say this, but this is certainly not whisky for beginners. Not a style that one would find anywhere else, really, and it is a little ‘love or hate it’ at times. Naturally, I rather loved it.

Serge Valentin (92)

My oh my, the 1973s are 45, already!

Colour: very deep amber.

Nose: halt, stop it! Ylang-ylang, mango jam, rose petals, orange blossom honey, rosewood, pollen, then pinewood, dried figs and dates, mead, apricot jam, sémillon, the tiniest touch of coconut water… Well, this is just unstoppable. Nothing to discuss or argue about here, let’s just move on…

Mouth: you’re always afraid of some unwanted woodiness in these very old whiskies, and indeed they all are pretty woody – this one is – but it’s all a matter of what balances that woodiness, and in this case the answer is ‘a lot of things’. For example, this mango jam, or this heather honey, those juicy sultanas, this pipe tobacco, this cherry liqueur, the dates, the figs, the bits of dried apricot, these drops of mint essence, or myrtle liqueur, or pine liqueur… It appears that this is actually a finishing; well, in that case it’s one of the best finishings ever. Even if it’s no secret that many glorious old bottles had been re-racked, so nothing new under the sun.

Finish: long, with an awesome fruity sourness. Sour cherry juice, perhaps? Also damsons, pipe tobacco, and sémillon wine yet again. Think Sauternes (and drink some, they really need our patronage these days!)

Comments: it’s amazing what Signatory have released for their 30th Anniversary. May I suggest they celebrate their 31st, 32nd, 33rd, 34th etcetera in similar manners?

Glenlivet - Signatory Vintage 30th Anniversary Cask 12/1 43.1% 1973

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