Glenallachie 8 Years Old Scottish Oak Finish 48% NV

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Distillery GlenAllachie
Bottler OB
Serie Virgin Oak Series
Bottled for
Distilled date Not Specified
Bottling date 2023
Country Scotland
Region Speyside
Age 8
Cask Type Scottish Oak Finish
Cask Number
Alcohol percentage 48
Volume 0,70
Condition In Original Box
Label Perfect

Professional reviews

BOW (87)

The term "Virgin Oak" refers to a type of cask that has never been previously used for storing other spirits or wine. The impact of this brand new cask on the whisky is solely derived from the wood. What sets this series apart is that the wood used comes from three different regions that typically do not supply wood for whiskey barrels. By utilizing wood from these three distinct regions, The GlenAllachie showcases the influence of the oak on the whisky, resulting in each whiskey possessing its own unique character. The "new make spirit" initially matures in American ex-bourbon barrels before undergoing an 18-month finishing period in a variety of oak barrels.

Whisky legend Billy Walker is delighted with the innovations showcased in this series, stating that the use of new oak from different corners of the world offers endless possibilities for him as a whisky maker. He relished the experience of experimenting with a variety of oaks, roasting and charring the barrels to different levels, and then developing the spirit. The three new bottlings exemplify the range of flavors that different oaks can offer. For instance, Scottish oak imparts notes of nuts, pear, and gingerbread, while Hungarian oak features waves of lemon juice, cinnamon, and raisins, and Spanish oak offers bursts of toffee sauce and ripe banana. This makes each whisky not only unique but also incredibly alluring.

The cask used for this whisky is made from sessile oak trees that grow along Scotland's Atlantic coast. Scottish oak is seldom employed for barrel production due to its porosity, which increases the risk of leaks. Using it poses a significant challenge, and there is a possibility that no whisky will be left. Before filling the cask with spirit, the wood is naturally dried for 36 months, allowing its flavor characteristics to develop further.

Tasting notes for this whisky include a nose bursting with oats, butterscotch, and toffee, along with hints of cinnamon, ginger, and heather honey. The taste is characterized by notes of heather honey, orchard fruit, and lemon zest, followed by white chocolate, cinnamon, and ginger. The finish is unmistakably sweet, with notes of toffee and butterscotch.

Glenallachie - 8 Years Old Scottish Oak Finish 48% NV

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