Glenallachie 8 Years Old Scottish Oak Finish 48% NV

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Glenallachie - 8 Years Old Scottish Oak Finish 48% NV In Original Box
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Distillery GlenAllachie
Bottler OB
Serie Virgin Oak Series
Bottled for
Distilled date Not Specified
Bottling date 2023
Country Scotland
Region Speyside
Age 8
Cask Type Scottish Oak Finish
Cask Number 8
Alcohol percentage 48
Volume 0,70
Condition In Original Box
Label Perfect
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GlenAllachie 8 Years Old Scottish Oak Finish: Embracing the Unique Influence of Oak

Enter the world of innovation and exploration as GlenAllachie Distillery introduces the GlenAllachie 8 Years Old Scottish Oak Finish. This remarkable whisky series sets itself apart by utilizing virgin oak casks sourced from three distinct regions not typically associated with whiskey barrel production. Each whiskey in this series possesses its own unique character, showcasing the influence of oak on the final flavor profile. With an initial maturation in American ex-bourbon barrels followed by an 18-month finishing period in a variety of oak barrels, this series exemplifies the endless possibilities that different oaks offer.

Endless Possibilities with New Oak

Whisky legend Billy Walker is thrilled with the innovations showcased in the GlenAllachie 8 Years Old Scottish Oak Finish series. The use of new oak from various corners of the world presents endless opportunities for him as a whisky maker. Experimenting with different oaks, from Scottish to Hungarian and Spanish, Walker has roasted and charred the barrels to various levels, allowing the spirits to develop unique characteristics. Each bottling exemplifies the range of flavors that different oaks impart. Scottish oak reveals notes of nuts, pear, and gingerbread, while Hungarian oak showcases waves of lemon juice, cinnamon, and raisins, and Spanish oak offers bursts of toffee sauce and ripe banana. The allure of these whiskies lies not only in their uniqueness but also in the captivating flavors they offer.

Embracing Scottish Oak

The cask used for the GlenAllachie 8 Years Old Scottish Oak Finish is crafted from sessile oak trees that thrive along Scotland's Atlantic coast. This wood is seldom used for barrel production due to its porosity, which increases the risk of leaks. Using Scottish oak presents a significant challenge, with the possibility that no whisky will remain within the cask. Before being filled with spirit, the wood undergoes a natural drying process of 36 months, allowing its distinct flavor characteristics to develop further.

Tasting the Uniqueness

When savoring the GlenAllachie 8 Years Old Scottish Oak Finish, prepare to be greeted by an enticing nose bursting with oats, butterscotch, and toffee, accompanied by hints of cinnamon, ginger, and heather honey. On the palate, flavors of heather honey, orchard fruit, and lemon zest take center stage, followed by the delicate presence of white chocolate, cinnamon, and ginger. The finish is unmistakably sweet, with lingering notes of toffee and butterscotch, leaving a memorable impression.


The GlenAllachie 8 Years Old Scottish Oak Finish series is a testament to GlenAllachie Distillery's dedication to innovation and exploring the diverse influence of oak on whisky. With the use of virgin oak from three distinct regions and the expertise of whisky legend Billy Walker, these whiskies offer a captivating and alluring drinking experience. Embracing the unique characteristics of Scottish oak in particular, this series showcases the distillery's commitment to pushing boundaries and creating whiskies of exceptional quality. Raise a glass and savor the magic that unfolds in each sip of the GlenAllachie 8 Years Old Scottish Oak Finish.

Whisky Notes (83)

Nose: more honeycomb and vanilla this time, as well as peaches and citrus on a second level. Baked apple sweetness with hints of caramel. Clearly richer and sweeter, although there’s an earthy and spicy note as well.

Mouth: not that far away from the Hungarian oak now. It highlights latte and caramel toffee but also brings out more cinnamon and pepper. Over time it gets thinner, quite dry and really spicy. It is quite obvious that the wood is quickly taking over each of these whiskies, especially in this version.

Finish: quite long, on pepper, ginger and other wood spice. Hints of liquorice and a mild caramel note.

Scottish oak is also rarely used because of its porosity. The flavours are clearly recognizable as virgin wood, with a nice nose but also a thinner body and a firm, spicy footprint.

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