Glenallachie 10 Years Old Cask Strength Batch 9 58.1% NV

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Distillery GlenAllachie
Bottler OB
Serie Cask Strength Batch 9
Bottled for
Distilled date Not Specified
Bottling date 09.03.2023
Country Scotland
Region Speyside
Age 10
Cask Type PX | Oloroso | Virgin Oak | Rioja
Cask Number Bottle code L 09 03 23
Alcohol percentage 58.1
Volume 0,70
Condition In original container
Label Perfect
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Professional reviews

BOW (88)

GlenAllachie 10 Years Old Cask Strength Batch 9: A Symphony of Flavors

Welcome to the world of GlenAllachie, a distillery named after the Gaelic words "Gleann Aileachaidh," which translates to "Valley of the Rocks." In the hands of Master Distiller Billy Walker, the distillery has gained a reputation for producing exceptional single malt whiskies. One such example is the highly sought-after GlenAllachie 10 Years Old Cask Strength Batch 9. Bottled on March 9, 2023, and matured in a selection of PX, Oloroso, Virgin Oak, and Rioja casks, this expression showcases the richness and complexity of GlenAllachie's honeyed spirit.

A Master Distiller's Vision

Billy Walker, with his 50 years of experience, spearheads the development of GlenAllachie whiskies. Speaking of the Cask Strength Batch series, he stated, "Our 10-year-old Cask Strength batches are a representation of where we are taking The GlenAllachie." Batch 9 exemplifies this vision, as it reflects the distillery's commitment to crafting outstanding whiskies through wood management expertise and the finest oak casks.

A Harmonious Fusion of Cask Maturation

The GlenAllachie 10 Years Old Cask Strength Batch 9 is a result of a careful marriage of casks. Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso Sherry casks contribute to the whisky's depth and richness, while Rioja barriques add complexity and character. American Virgin Oak barrels, with a medium char and medium toast, enhance the spirit's flavor profile. This meticulous cask selection creates a harmonious symphony of flavors that tantalize the palate.

Tasting Notes

Prepare to be enchanted by the GlenAllachie 10 Years Old Cask Strength Batch 9. Its intense mahogany color hints at the depth of character within. The nose bursts with ripe red berries, hazelnuts, and heather honey, accompanied by notes of orchard fruits, cinnamon spice, and gingersnaps. On the palate, indulge in lashings of dark chocolate, honeycomb, and caramelized demerara sugar. These flavors intertwine with hints of treacle, mocha, and ginger, leading to a delightful finish of plum and toffee.


The GlenAllachie 10 Years Old Cask Strength Batch 9 is a testament to the artistry and passion behind GlenAllachie whiskies. Billy Walker's expertise and dedication shine through in this expression, as he expertly combines various cask types to create a symphony of flavors. With its rich color and a complex range of notes, this whisky captivates the senses. Whether enjoyed neat or with a splash of water, the GlenAllachie 10 Years Old Cask Strength Batch 9 is a true delight for whisky connoisseurs, showcasing the best of what this esteemed distillery has to offer.

Serge Valentin (88)

We had stopped at Batch 4, which we absolutely a-do-red (WF 88). To be honest, they've been using a plethora of different casks (PX, oloroso, virgin, Rioja – yep) but last time, it wasn't too noticeable. Rioja, can you imagine! Colour: amber. Nose: one almost gets the impression that all these more or less strange casks cancelled each other out a bit and have instead generated massive notes of artisanal chocolate and prunes. We're really in the territory of 105 or A'bunadh, or even old Mac 10 C/S, which is rather good news, right? With water: very nice fudge, caramel, chocolate, and praline. Mouth (neat): yes, very good, quite A'bunadh-like in a way. I know it's not too cool to mention other brands in a tasting note, but the thing is, I'm not a pro, I'm poorly brought up, and I do exactly as I please. Toffee. With water: it's really very good, with more pepper this time. There are also minuscule notes of fresh fruit, raspberries... Could it be the Rioja? Finish: long, powerful but balanced, curiously fresh. Comments: you know what the Italians say, there are two things you should never watch being made, mortadella and the law. Perhaps we could add certain malt whiskies to the list, caro mio. Score unchanged, no reason to change it, even if there's a little more fruitiness here.

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