Glen Grant 45 Years Old Gordon & MacPhail White Screw Cap 40% 1940's

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Distillery Glen Grant
Bottler Gordon & MacPhail
Serie Licensed Bottling
Bottled for Importato da Co. Import, Pinerolo, 310 Torino, Italy
Distilled date 1940s
Bottling date 1980s
Country Scotland
Region Speyside
Age 45
Cask Type
Cask Number Bottle code 4699
Alcohol percentage 40
Volume 0,75
Condition In Original Box
Label Perfect
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Glen Grant 45 Years Old: A Timeless Whisky of Distinction

In the world of whisky, few distilleries can boast the rich history and remarkable craftsmanship of Glen Grant. With a legacy that spans generations, the Glen Grant distillery has consistently delivered exceptional whiskies that have captivated connoisseurs around the globe. Among its prestigious offerings, the Glen Grant 45 Years Old stands as a testament to the distillery's unwavering commitment to producing whiskies of unparalleled quality.

This particular expression, bottled in the 1980s, showcases the extraordinary character that comes with extensive maturation. Distilled in the 1940s, this Glen Grant whisky has spent an impressive 45 years developing its complex flavors and enticing aromas. With a gentle 40% ABV, it presents a graceful and refined profile that exemplifies the elegance of a well-aged spirit.

One notable feature of this bottling is the white screw cap, which adds a touch of vintage charm to the presentation. It harkens back to a bygone era when such closures were commonly used in the whisky industry. The presence of this unique screw cap serves as a reminder of the whisky's heritage and the careful attention given to preserving its quality throughout the years.

The Glen Grant 45 Years Old was bottled by the esteemed independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail. Known for their dedication to selecting exceptional casks and bottling whiskies at their peak of maturity, Gordon & MacPhail have earned a reputation as purveyors of exquisite whiskies. Their involvement in the bottling of this Glen Grant expression is a testament to its exceptional quality and distinction.

This licenced bottling was produced specifically for Importato da Co. Import, an esteemed company based in Pinerolo, 310 Torino, Italy. The fact that it was specially selected for import to Italy speaks to the discerning taste of Italian whisky enthusiasts and their appreciation for exceptional whiskies.

Upon pouring a dram of Glen Grant 45 Years Old, one is immediately greeted by a rich golden hue, hinting at the whisky's maturity and depth of flavor. The nose is a captivating blend of dried fruits, oak spices, and subtle floral undertones. With each sip, the whisky reveals layers of complexity, offering a harmonious fusion of fruity notes, delicate vanilla, and warming spices. The velvety texture caresses the palate, delivering a truly indulgent experience.

The finish is long and satisfying, leaving lingering traces of oak and a gentle warmth that invites contemplation and appreciation. Each sip is a journey through time, allowing whisky enthusiasts to savor the legacy and craftsmanship that went into creating this extraordinary expression.

For collectors and enthusiasts alike, the Glen Grant 45 Years Old with its white screw cap is a rare gem worth seeking out. Its historical significance, impeccable provenance, and exceptional taste make it a prized addition to any whisky collection. Whether enjoyed on special occasions or cherished as a valuable keepsake, this whisky embodies the essence of Glen Grant's rich heritage and continues to captivate whisky lovers with its timeless appeal.

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