William Grant & Sons Limited Grant's Deluxe Scotch Ceramic Decanter 43% NV

€ 70,25 (ex Vat)
85,00 (in Vat)

William Grant & Sons Limited Grant's Deluxe Scotch Ceramic Decanter 43% 1280 Grams NV

ex Vat € 70,25
in Vat € 85,00
Volume 0,75l
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Distillery Undisclosed Balvenie & Glenfiddich
Bottler William Grant & Sons
Serie Grant's Deluxe Scotch
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Distilled date Not Specified
Bottling date 1
Country Scotland
Region Scotland
Cask Type
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Alcohol percentage 43
Volume 0,75
Label Perfect
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A Nostalgic Elixir: Grant's Deluxe Scotch Ceramic

A few names carry the weight of tradition and craftsmanship quite like William Grant & Sons Limited. One of their remarkable vintage treasures, the Grant's Deluxe Scotch Ceramic Decanter bottled in the 1970s, stands as a testament to the rich heritage of the brand. This old and rare bottle, with its 43% ABV, beckons enthusiasts on a journey through time, offering a taste of a bygone era when whisky-making was an art form and each bottle a masterpiece.

A Glimpse into History:
The 1970s was a time when Scotch whisky underwent a renaissance, with distillers focusing on quality and craftsmanship. The Grant's Deluxe Scotch Ceramic Decanter captures this spirit, encapsulating the essence of a decade known for its artistic expression and attention to detail. As we explore this vintage gem, it is crucial to approach the opening with care, as the passage of time may have affected the closure.

Elegance in Ceramic:
The vessel itself, a ceramic decanter, adds an extra layer of sophistication to this rare release. The craftsmanship of the decanter reflects the care and dedication that went into both the packaging and the liquid it holds. The ceramic material not only preserves the whisky but also contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal, making it a standout addition to any collector's shelf.

Aged to Perfection:
The 43% ABV of this Grant's Deluxe Scotch ensures a robust and flavorful experience. The aging process, now spanning several decades, has allowed the whisky to evolve into a complex tapestry of flavors. From the moment the bottle is opened, the air is filled with the anticipation of discovering the secrets held within this vintage elixir.

A Word of Caution:
As with any aged bottle, it is important to exercise caution when opening the Grant's Deluxe Scotch Ceramic Decanter from the 1970s. The closure may have experienced deterioration over time, emphasizing the need for gentle handling. Enthusiasts and collectors should approach the unveiling of this vintage gem with care, ensuring that the experience of tasting history is both enjoyable and safe.

Sold as Described:
Given the rarity and age of this vintage bottle, it is imperative for buyers to note that the item is sold as described. The character and condition of the closure may have changed over the years, adding to the uniqueness of the bottle. Collectors should appreciate this as part of the journey through time, embracing the imperfections that come with a piece of history.

The Grant's Deluxe Scotch Ceramic Decanter from the 1970s is more than just a bottle of whisky; it is a time capsule, offering a sip of history to those fortunate enough to experience it. From the elegance of the ceramic decanter to the cautionary note regarding its opening, every aspect adds to the allure of this vintage gem. For enthusiasts and collectors alike, the journey through the 1970s is bottled within, waiting to be uncorked and savored in all its nostalgic glory.

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