Compass Box Ultramarine 51% NV

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Distillery Caol Ila, Glendullan, Speyburn, Miltonduff, Glen Ord, Cameronbridge, Girvan
Bottler Compass Box
Serie Ultramarine The Extinct Blends Quartet
Bottled for
Distilled date Not Specified
Bottling date 2022
Country Scotland
Region Scotland
Cask Type Bourbon, Sherry & French Oak
Cask Number
Alcohol percentage 51
Volume 0,70
Condition In original container
Label Perfect
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Professional reviews

Serge Valentin (87)

Caol Ila, Glendullan, Ord, Miltonduff, Speyburn and two grains, plus a label by Salvador Dali (more or less). Even more pricey but lovely. After all, we don't taste price tags. Colour: light gold. Nose: Caol Ila and the rest. Cough medicine, sea spray, oysters, ashes, cider apples, menthol, fruit peel (which is very Glendullan in my book), seaweed… With water: dried flowers, patchouli, bidis… Om?… … Mouth (neat): indeed, Caol Ila and the rest, but I like this combo. Mint-forward, plus eucalyptus, otherwise limoncello (here we go again) and the usual oysters. With water: more citrus, liqueurs, a little peppermint… Finish: medium, fresh, extremely well balanced, with a saltier aftertaste. Comments: lovely. It reminds me of the good old times of home blending, when we were sharing recipes. Like 50% Macallan 10, 30% HP 12, 10% Lagavulin 16 and 5% Ardbeg 10 plus 5% water to bind it all together. Stir, don't shake, and voilà. But that practice went out of fashion…

BOW (89.50)

Compass Box Ultramarine: Unveiling The Extinct Blends Quartet

Compass Box, known for its pioneering and boundary-pushing whiskies, has released a remarkable limited edition expression called Ultramarine: The Extinct Blends Quartet. Bottled in 2022, this extraordinary blend is crafted from whiskies distilled at Caol Ila, Glendullan, Speyburn, Miltonduff, Glen Ord, Cameronbridge, and Girvan. These distilleries, which have sadly become extinct over time, have contributed to the creation of Ultramarine. Matured in a combination of Bourbon, Sherry, and French Oak casks, this 51% ABV whisky offers a tantalizing journey into the past, celebrating the heritage and craftsmanship of these lost distilleries. With only 5430 bottles available globally, Ultramarine represents a rare and sought-after opportunity for whisky enthusiasts to savor a piece of history.

A Tribute to Extinct Distilleries:
Ultramarine: The Extinct Blends Quartet pays homage to the lost distilleries that have left an indelible mark on the whisky industry. Each distillery in the blend - Caol Ila, Glendullan, Speyburn, Miltonduff, Glen Ord, Cameronbridge, and Girvan - has its own unique qualities and story. By expertly blending their spirits, Compass Box has created a whisky that captures the essence and character of these extinct distilleries, allowing their legacy to live on through every sip.

Mastery in Maturation:
Compass Box's craftsmanship shines through in the maturation process of Ultramarine. The blend is carefully aged in a combination of Bourbon, Sherry, and French Oak casks, which adds layers of complexity and depth to the whisky. The Bourbon casks contribute notes of vanilla, caramel, and a subtle sweetness, while the Sherry casks infuse rich dried fruits, spices, and a hint of nuttiness. The French Oak casks provide elegant nuances of toasted oak, warm spices, and a velvety mouthfeel. The artful selection and blending of these casks create a symphony of flavors that harmoniously come together in Ultramarine.

Tasting Notes:
Ultramarine: The Extinct Blends Quartet offers a sensory experience like no other. The nose is greeted with an enticing combination of sea salt, peat smoke, and delicate floral undertones. On the palate, flavors of honeyed citrus, orchard fruits, and hints of spice dance on the tongue, accompanied by layers of dark chocolate, toffee, and a gentle smokiness. The finish is long and satisfying, leaving a lingering impression of dried fruits, oak, and a touch of brine.

Limited Availability:
With only 5430 bottles of Ultramarine available worldwide, acquiring a bottle is a testament to the discerning collector's passion and dedication. Each bottle is individually numbered, highlighting its exclusivity and adding to its allure. The rarity of this release ensures that Ultramarine will be cherished by whisky connoisseurs, as it represents a unique and precious addition to any whisky collection.

Compass Box Ultramarine: The Extinct Blends Quartet, bottled in 2022, invites whisky enthusiasts on a captivating journey into the past, paying tribute to the legacy of extinct distilleries. Through the skillful blending of spirits from Caol Ila, Glendullan, Speyburn, Miltonduff, Glen Ord, Cameronbridge, and Girvan, and the meticulous maturation in Bourbon, Sherry, and French Oak casks, Ultramarine emerges as a whisky of unparalleled character and depth. The

limited availability of only 5430 bottles ensures that Ultramarine will become a cherished gem among collectors, encapsulating the artistry and innovation that Compass Box is celebrated for.

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