Highland Park Centenary Reserve Gordon & MacPhail 40% Lower Neck 1970

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Distillery Highland Park
Bottler Gordon & MacPhail
Serie Centenary Reserve
Bottled for
Distilled date 1970
Bottling date 1995
Country Scotland
Region Orkney
Age 25
Cask Type
Cask Number
Alcohol percentage 40
Volume 0,70
Condition No Original Box Included
Label Perfect

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BOW (88)

Highland Park Centenary Reserve Gordon & MacPhail: A Whisky Tribute to a Century of Excellence

The Highland Park Centenary Reserve Gordon & MacPhail is a remarkable whisky that pays homage to a century of whisky-making excellence. Crafted by the renowned independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail, this expression is a testament to the artistry and dedication that Highland Park and Gordon & MacPhail have embodied throughout their long and illustrious histories.

Distilled in 1970 and bottled in 1995, this Centenary Reserve release represents a significant milestone in the whisky world. It was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Gordon & MacPhail, a family-owned company known for its expertise in selecting and maturing exceptional whiskies.

As you pour a dram of Highland Park Centenary Reserve, you are immediately captivated by its rich golden hue and enticing aromas. The nose is filled with the harmonious blend of sweet malt, honey, and hints of tropical fruits, inviting you to explore further.

On the palate, this whisky delivers a symphony of flavors that showcase the finest qualities of Highland Park's spirit. The smooth and velvety texture caresses the tongue, unveiling layers of caramel, vanilla, and ripe orchard fruits. Subtle notes of oak and a delicate smokiness add depth and complexity to the overall profile, leaving a lasting impression.

At 40% alcohol by volume, the Centenary Reserve offers a well-balanced and approachable drinking experience. Its gentle strength allows the flavors to shine while maintaining a smooth and enjoyable character.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail in the bottling of the Highland Park Centenary Reserve are evident in its presentation. The bottle features a classic design, reflecting the timeless elegance of the whisky within. The label proudly displays the Highland Park and Gordon & MacPhail logos, symbolizing the partnership between two esteemed names in the whisky industry.

It's important to note that this whisky was bottled in 1995, making it an old vintage bottle. As with any vintage whisky, there is a possibility that the closure may have deteriorated over time. Care should be taken when opening to ensure the integrity of the whisky inside.

The Highland Park Centenary Reserve Gordon & MacPhail is a true collector's item and a treasure for whisky enthusiasts. Its rarity, combined with the legacy and expertise of both Highland Park and Gordon & MacPhail, make it a highly sought-after expression.

Whether enjoyed on special occasions or cherished as part of a prized whisky collection, the Centenary Reserve offers a taste of whisky history and a testament to the enduring quality that both Highland Park and Gordon & MacPhail represent.

Please note that this whisky is sold as described, and buyers are encouraged to appreciate the rarity and uniqueness of this bottle. It is a piece of whisky heritage that deserves to be celebrated and savored, allowing whisky connoisseurs to experience a true treasure from the past.

Highland Park - Centenary Reserve Gordon & MacPhail 40% 1970

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