Highland Park 8 Years Old From the Islands of Orkney 40% NV

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Distillery Highland Park
Bottler OB
Serie From the Islands of Orkney
Bottled for
Distilled date Undosclosed
Bottling date 1970's
Country Scotland
Region Orkney
Age 8
Cask Type
Cask Number
Alcohol percentage 40
Volume 0,757
Condition Perfect
Label Perfect
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Professional reviews

Serge Valentin (88)

Some of these batches have a slightly shaky reputation it seems. I don't have too much experience with these iterations of HP I have to say. Let's proceed with an open mind… Colour: pale amber. Nose: a lovely salty and umami sherry, with herbal, medicinal and root peat notes underneath. I also find wee tertiary notes of treacle, tar and salted honey, it's all very 'old Highland Park'. Mouth: terrifically salty and with this wonderfully resinous old school sherry that incorporates a nice leafiness, tobaccos, sultanas and salted almonds. Getting saltier, more leathery and also with some familiar herbs and waxes. Finish: medium, rather sappy, peaty, herbal and still with this salty sherry vibe. Comments: it's a simple and very direct take on old school Highland Park, but features many pleasures.

BOW (91.50)

Highland Park 8 Years Old: A Rare Vintage Gem from the 1970s

Whisky enthusiasts and collectors alike are always on the lookout for hidden treasures from the past, and the Highland Park 8 Years Old from the 1970s is a true gem that embodies the spirit of its time. Bottled as part of the "From the Islands of Orkney" series, this vintage bottle offers a glimpse into the rich history and exceptional whisky craftsmanship of the renowned Highland Park distillery.

One of the first things that captures attention is the unique packaging and presentation of this vintage bottle. Adorned with the distinct Highland Park branding, the clear glass bottle allows a glimpse of the golden liquid inside, enticing whisky connoisseurs to explore its hidden flavors and aromas. The screw cap, a testament to simplicity and functionality, adds to the nostalgia and authenticity of this remarkable piece.

This particular expression was originally bottled with a volume of 26 2/3 FL. OZ., which is approximately 757ml. It's a testament to the whisky traditions and bottle sizes of the era, adding another layer of charm and intrigue to this vintage release.

The Highland Park 8 Years Old from the 1970s offers a truly unique flavor profile that is both rare and stunning. Upon opening the bottle, one is greeted with a symphony of aromas that have matured gracefully over the years. Notes of rich honey sweetness intertwine with hints of malted barley, followed by a gentle waft of peat smoke. It's a sensory journey that transports you to the rugged landscapes and maritime influence of the Orkney Islands.

On the palate, this vintage whisky continues to captivate. Despite its relatively young age, it presents a surprising complexity of flavors. The velvety texture coats the tongue, unveiling a harmonious blend of vanilla and toffee, complemented by subtle fruit notes of apples and pears. The delicate balance of flavors is enhanced by a subtle smokiness that adds depth and intrigue to the overall experience.

Bottled at 40% alcohol by volume, this vintage expression offers a smooth and approachable drinking experience. It allows the nuances and subtleties of the whisky to shine, making it suitable for both seasoned enthusiasts and those who are just beginning their whisky journey.

It's important to note that as an old vintage bottle, the closure may have deteriorated over time. When opening this treasure, care should be taken to ensure the integrity of the whisky inside. The item is sold as described, and the buyer is encouraged to fully appreciate the rarity and uniqueness of this bottle.

The Highland Park 8 Years Old from the 1970s is a rare find that showcases the legacy and heritage of Highland Park distillery. It's a testament to the artistry of whisky-making and a true collector's item. Whether enjoyed as a historical whisky experience, displayed proudly in a whisky collection, or shared with fellow enthusiasts, this vintage gem offers a glimpse into the past and celebrates the enduring appeal of Highland Park.

Please note: As with any vintage whisky, it is sold as described, and the buyer is encouraged to fully appreciate the rarity and uniqueness of this bottle.

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