Highland Park 15 Years Old Loki Valhalla Collection 48.7% NV

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Distillery Highland Park
Bottler OB
Serie Valhalla Collection
Bottled for
Distilled date NV
Bottling date 2013
Country Scotland
Region Orkney
Age 15
Cask Type Spanish Sherry Casks & Heavily Peated Casks
Cask Number Bottle code L005R L10 25
Alcohol percentage 48.7
Volume 0,70
Condition In Original Wooden Case
Label Perfect
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Professional reviews

Serge Valentin (92)

So the sequel to last year’s Thor and let me tell the most stupid joke ever: I hope it’s not low key (diving to even newer lows, S.!)

Colour: gold.

Nose: not a very different profile, in fact we’re almost right between the 10 and the CS. Actually a little closer to the 10. It’s less cask-driven than last year’s Thor, it’s cleaner, it’s probably more citrusy and certainly more mineral as well as a little medicinal, between iodine and camphor. Some farmy elements as well, something obviously coastal, a blend of various honeys and honeydews, then Virginia tobacco, leather, wax, a few spices (curry?), tiger balm…

Mouth: no, this is great shtuff. Perfect, zesty and lemony yet rich, mineral yet honeyed, wide yet crystalline, coastal yet farmy (that will be it, S.) It’s a HP that’s more islands than highlands, whatever that means. And I’m not saying this because these weeks it’s the 30th anniversary of Brora’s closure, but it is also pretty Brora-esque, in a way. No, I know Brora isn’t on an island, don’t start to quibble with me over trivial issues please.

Finish: long and even more coastal.

Comments: look, I know I should write lukewarm comments because of the price, because of the unlikely packaging (sure it’s all a matter of taste) and so on, but I’m sorry, I love it. Now, who’s that Loki? A girl? What’s sure is that she beats Thor in my book, fair and square.

Gal Granov (89)

Gal Granov:

nose: Hmmm. quite interesting thing are going on here : some apples, waxy notes, with some wood, and quite floral as well. zesty lemon , oats, yet no smoke or peat that I can pick up.

Palate: Big palate, no doubt, starts buttery with Red apples sautéed in butter, then a rather interesting note of exotic fruit (papaya, guava, and a bit of red grapefruit) with a pinch of salt sprinkled over, then some smoke hits the palate with quite a bit of wood on the finish.

Finish : Wood, cooked apples , wood spices galore (cinnamon, and cloves).

Bottom line:

Fancy boat or no boat, this little HP is an excellent whisky, Rather different from the Thor, and a bit better IMHO. Complex enough, and highly enjoyable.

Words of Whisky (89)

BOW (90)

Old Loki Valhalla Collection stands out as a whisky of intrigue and complexity. Bottled in 2013, this expression is part of the Valhalla Collection, a series that pays homage to the gods of Norse mythology. With its official tasting notes and captivating storytelling, the Highland Park 15 Years Old Loki takes whisky enthusiasts on a mythical journey.

1. A Nose of Enchantment:
The whisky begins its seductive dance with a spirited lift of dried bitter orange, transforming into the zesty aroma of lemon peels. As the nose delves deeper, cardamom notes playfully tease the senses, followed by an enticing hit of gingerbread. With the addition of water, the fragrance takes a twist, releasing hints of liquorice and aromatic smoke.

2. Taste the Shape-Shifter:
Loki's true shape-shifting nature comes alive on the palate, showcasing its multifaceted character. The waxy texture takes center stage, complemented by an intense smoke that surprises the senses, not previously detected on the nose. This unexpected twist shatters the light citrusy illusion, giving way to rich spiced apple flavors and the presence of liquorice. Throughout this enigmatic experience, notes of lemon and grapefruit provide a consistent thread. Adding a touch of water reveals lingering impressions of melted dark chocolate over spent embers, leaving a soft smoky impression.

3. An Ever-Evolving Finish:
As Loki bids farewell, it leaves behind a captivating finale. Toasted cloves, hickory smoke, and a gentle touch of vanilla linger on the palate. The finish reflects the whisky's constant transformation from start to end. Like the mischievous character it is named after, Loki remains an enigma, delivering an experience that defies expectations and challenges the palate.

4. The Mythical Connection:
Loki, one of the most complex characters in Norse mythology, embodies unpredictability and rebellion against the established order. This whisky bears his name as a testament to its ever-changing and impulsive nature, reminiscent of the formidable weather on the Orkney Islands where Highland Park is located. Just as Loki's actions create heroes amongst the gods, this whisky creates a heroic experience for whisky enthusiasts, constantly evolving and revealing its fiendish inner complexity.

The Highland Park 15 Years Old Loki Valhalla Collection is a whisky that defies conventions and takes drinkers on a mythical odyssey. With its intricate flavors, unexpected twists, and a narrative rooted in Norse mythology, this expression captures the essence of the mischievous character it is named after. As whisky enthusiasts savor each sip, they are transported to a world of enchantment and intrigue. Highland Park once again proves its mastery in creating whiskies that transcend the ordinary, inviting us to explore the realm of the gods through a glass of Loki.

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