Brora 6th Release 30 Years Old 55.7% NV

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Distillery Brora
Bottler OB
Serie 6th Release
Bottled for X
Distilled date Not Specified
Bottling date 2003
Country Scotland
Region Nothern Highlands
Age 30
Cask Type Sherry & Bourbon
Cask Number X
Alcohol percentage 55.7
Volume 0,70
Condition In Original Container
Label Perfect
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Professionele reviews

BOW (95)

Serge Valentin (95)

Colour: gold. Nose: It’s easy to forget just how utterly different and special the early 1970s Broras are. Trying them is a scarce treat these days and I think it’s important to remember that when these 30 year olds came out there wasn’t really anything like them. The Rare Malt 72 and 75 Broras displayed their own character that was quite apart from these 30s in my book. You have this supremely pure farminess that sits in harmony with rather fatty green fruits and notes of rope, tractor parts, mechanical oils and that pervasive and every present waxiness that oozes throughout and ties everything together. The coastal aspect is there as well, vivid, incredibly fresh and invigorating. Lots of lemon peel, beach pebbles, sea greens and a whole shoreline of minerals. With water: where do you begin? Water really just brings an even greater cohesion to it. It’s not peat, wax and salt so much as everything as one superb whole that surpasses the sum of its parts. Although, I will just mention lime infused oils, kiln smoke and waxed canvas. Mouth: hell’s teeth! What a whisky! Oily, glistening, fat, unctuous peats, waxes, wood embers, silage, hay lofts, cured meats, cow stables, iodine, beach sand, crushed shells, preserved lemons... you could go on indefinitely finding so many tiny wee aromas and flavours. But probably best just call the anti-maltoporn police (were they even around in 2004 Serge?) The texture is creamy and all-consuming. Superbly peppery, lots of lean, salty bacon fat and some oily sheep wool. With water: unequivocally brilliant! Utterly superb, huge, fatty, gloriously complex and warming. The very epitome of ‘waxiness’ in malt whisky. Finish: endless. Wandering down all sorts of tertiary avenues of flavour. Sooty, oily, grassy, citrus, salt, cured meats, hessian, earth, herbal... Comments: Undoubtedly a masterpiece. A triumph of evocative distillate character, age and restrained cask influence. The only trouble with whiskies like this is that they dominate your attention so utterly. Not the sort of thing you can really just pour a dram of and chat away to someone over. Compelling is an understatement.

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