Lindores Abbey Friar John Cor Chapter I 60.2% NV

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Lindores Abbey - Friar John Cor Chapter I 60.2% NV
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Distillery The Lindores Distilling Co. Ltd.
Bottler OB
Serie The Cask Strength Congregation Chapter I
Bottled for
Distilled date Not Specified
Bottling date 19.01.2023
Country Scotland
Region Lowlands
Cask Type Bourbon & Monbazillac & STR & Sherry
Cask Number Bottlecode L3018
Alcohol percentage 60.2
Volume 0,70
Condition Perfect
Label Perfect
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BOW (88)

Lindores Abbey Distillery has become very popular in a short period of time as a producer of very tasty single malt whisky.

Fortunately, we regularly receive new whiskies from the birthplace of Scotch whisky. According to historiography, the monk John Cor was the one who first distilled whisky for the king in 1494 in Lindores Abbey.

The current owners of the remains of the abbey, Helen and Drew Mackenzie-Smith, have studied the history of the abbey, and especially the what was done back in the day. They were so impressed that they have had themselves a distillery built at the same spot as its birthplace.

This Lindores Abbey Distillery honors this whisky with John Cor, the monk's name on the label.

The Cask Strength Congregation Batch: Chapter 1

Cask Strength whiskies are bottled under the name Friar John Cor, each time with a different recipe. This Chapter 1 is a "small batch" variant. This whisky has matured in a combination of refill bourbon, sherry, STR and Mombazillac wine casks. The consecutive chapters will have a different composition.

The Friar John Cor is bottled in a very nice bottle of matte black glass and is available in very limited numbers.

Color: light gold

Smell: Cookie dough with apricot and apple topped with honey. Vanilla cream with a pinch of smoldering oak, sultana raisins and more soft white fruits such as banana an pear.

Taste: Peach with freshly whipped cream followed by cloves and cinnamon. squinched lemon zest with pickled plums, dates and figs. Layered with vanilla and honey before the spices take home the trophy.

Finish: Sugared almonds, Marzipan with gingerbread spices. A wonderfully warm welcome accumulated in one word: Delicious.

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