Lindores Abbey Exclusive Cask Bourbon Barrel 18/220 60.1% 2018

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73,51 (in Vat)
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Distillery The Lindores Distilling Co. Ltd.
Bottler OB
Serie Exclusive Cask
Bottled for The BeNeLux Whisky Import Nederland
Distilled date 05.04.2018
Bottling date 15.07.2022
Country Scotland
Region Lowlands
Age 4
Cask Type bourbon Barrel
Cask Number 18/220
Alcohol percentage 60.1
Volume 0,70
Label Perfect

Professional reviews

BOW (88)

Lindores Abbey is formally the birthplace and spiritual home of Scotch whisky. In the year 1494, the local monk John Corr produced a strong and spicy drink from local barley and called it Aqua Vitae. Scotch whisky was born!
Lindores Abbey Distillery, which has been in production since the end of 2017, is situated a good 10 meters from the remains of the former monastery.
Drew and Helen Mackenzie Smith have lived at Lindores Farm for decades and as such own the remains of the famous abbey. Drew in particular delved into the past of both the abbey and the local Scotch whisky and over the years the idea of building a new distillery on this historic site became more and more serious.
Since the autumn of 2021, the historic Lindores Abbey whisky has seen the light again.

Color: gold
Nose: lemon cake with a glacé biscuit and tumtum sweets. Cherry candy cane and seductive perfume. With some water; the scents become more drier and spicier with gingerbread spices and freshly cut grass at play.
Taste: spicy and sweet at the same time, where the flavors of yellow fruit combine wonderfully with oak and gingerbread. After that, juicy red fruits take.
Finish: spicy & spicy in the throat with the sweeter influences taking over again at the very end. So much character for such a young whisky.

Lindores Abbey - Exclusive Cask Bourbon Barrel 18/220  60.1% 2018

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