Daftmill Single Sherry Cask 039/2006 57.4% 2006

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Distillery Daftmill
Bottler OB
Serie Single Cask
Bottled for Berry Bros & Rudd
Distilled date 25.07.2006
Bottling date 2019
Country Scotland
Region Lowlands
Age 12
Cask Type Oloroso Sherry Cask
Cask Number 039/2006
Alcohol percentage 57.4
Volume 0,70
Condition Perfect
Label Perfect
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Professional reviews

Serge Valentin (90)

The first ex-sherry Daftmill we’ve ever tried!

Colour: amber.

Nose: wow! Chocolate sauce and Maggi (says Angus, who’s really delighted now), black olive bread, dry black raisins, bitter herbs, Jägermeister, walnut wine, fruity black coffee, sultanas… It is a wonderful nose! With water: chopped dates, more of this miso thing, coffee cake, sweet biltong, lovage and parsley, dried mushrooms, cigarette ashes, Chinese green tea… Truly wonderful.

Mouth (neat): really rich, bitter in a good way, with herbal extracts, cough syrup, rancio, more of this big savoury umami, litres of green walnut liqueur (nocino), a lot of pepper too, tar liqueur… Angus also finds strawberry wine. For some modern sherry cask, it’s impressive. With water: a lot more green walnuts says Angus, dried rosemary, and a sensation of sour cherry beer (Kriek). Maybe some hessian and certainly some speculoos, Demerara rum…

Finish: much longer as well, with some chocolate and an appetizing bitterness. Prunes, tobacco…

Comments: these kinds of clean yet bold distillates take sherry the best. This is more proof. The level of complexity is noticeably higher than with the bourbon casks.

BOW (91)

In the picturesque landscapes of Fife, Scotland, where rolling hills meet golden fields, lies the Daftmill Distillery—a hidden gem producing single malt Scotch whiskies of exceptional quality. Among its illustrious releases, the Daftmill Single Sherry Cask 039/2006 stands as a testament to the distillery's commitment to craftsmanship and the art of maturation.

Distilled on the 25th of July 2006 and bottled in 2019, this expression has spent over a decade developing its character within the confines of an Oloroso Sherry Cask. Bottled at a robust 57.4% alcohol by volume, it promises an unapologetically bold and flavorful experience.

The Daftmill Distillery, owned by the Cuthbert family, is known for its traditional approach to whisky production. With a focus on quality over quantity, Daftmill whiskies are a rare and cherished find among enthusiasts. This Single Sherry Cask release, in particular, showcases the marriage of Daftmill's spirit with the influence of the Oloroso Sherry Cask, creating a harmonious symphony of flavors.

Bottled exclusively for Berry Bros & Rudd, a renowned U.K. retailer with a storied history in the world of wine and spirits, this expression is a collaboration that brings together the expertise of Daftmill and the discerning curation of Berry Bros & Rudd.

As one lifts the glass to the nose, the aroma is a captivating interplay of rich sherry notes, dried fruits, and a hint of oak. The Oloroso Sherry Cask has imparted a depth and complexity that is characteristic of well-matured single malts.

On the palate, the Daftmill Single Sherry Cask unfolds with layers of flavor. The sweetness of raisins and dark chocolate is complemented by the warmth of oak and a subtle nuttiness. The higher alcohol content at 57.4% adds a robustness to the overall profile, inviting enthusiasts to explore the intricacies within each sip.

The finish is a lingering testament to the marriage of Daftmill's spirit and the Oloroso Sherry Cask. The warmth persists, leaving a lasting impression and beckoning for another indulgent sip.

With a limited number of bottles—621 to be exact—this Daftmill release is a rare find that embodies the essence of exclusivity. Each bottle is a collector's item, a piece of Daftmill's legacy bottled for those who appreciate the intersection of tradition, innovation, and the influence of exceptional cask maturation.

In conclusion, the Daftmill Single Sherry Cask 039/2006 is not merely a whisky; it's a manifestation of the artistry embedded in the Daftmill Distillery and the discerning selection by Berry Bros & Rudd. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a whisky enthusiast seeking a unique experience, this expression invites you to savor the richness and depth within each carefully crafted bottle. Here's to Daftmill, Berry Bros & Rudd, and the timeless allure of Scotch whisky. Slàinte mhath!

Daftmill - Single Sherry Cask 039/2006 57.4% 2006

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