Daftmill Inaugural Release 2005 55.8% 2005

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Distillery Daftmill
Bottler OB
Serie Inaugural Release
Bottled for
Distilled date 2005
Bottling date 2018
Country Scotland
Region Lowlands
Age 12
Cask Type 1st Fill Bourbon
Cask Number 05/02, 05/03 & 05/07
Alcohol percentage 55.8
Volume 0,70
Condition In original Sack
Label Perfect

Professional reviews

BOW (91)

Daftmill Inaugural Release 2005 55.8%: A Masterpiece of Rarity and Quality

Daftmill, a small distillery nestled in the heart of the Scottish countryside, has captivated the whisky world with its coveted and meticulously crafted single malt whiskies. Among Daftmill's extraordinary releases is the Daftmill Inaugural Release 2005 55.8%, an incredibly rare and highly esteemed whisky that represents the very best of what this distillery has to offer. Let's delve deeper into this masterpiece of rarity and quality.

A Historic Moment:
The Daftmill Inaugural Release 2005 marks a significant moment in the history of Daftmill. It was the distillery's first official release and embodies the craftsmanship and passion with which every aspect of the whisky-making process is treated at Daftmill. With only a limited number of bottles available, this release stands as a true collector's item that holds a special place in the whisky world.

Handcrafted and Carefully Matured:
This release is handcrafted and has matured for 13 years in carefully selected casks. The artistry of Daftmill is evident in every aspect of production, from malting the barley to filling the casks and bottling. The result is a whisky of extraordinary quality and complexity, with a refined character and a wealth of flavors.

A Symphony of Taste:
With the first sip, the Daftmill Inaugural Release 2005 reveals a symphony of flavors that captivates the senses. Aromas of fresh fruits, vanilla, and subtle spices dance on the nose, while on the palate, rich notes of honey, spices, and dried fruits unfold. The finish is long-lasting and satisfying, with hints of oak and a gentle spiciness. Each sip of this whisky is a discovery of new layers and nuances.

A Heritage to Cherish:
Daftmill is a distillery with a rich history and a strong connection to the land and community surrounding it. They cherish traditional production methods and use only the finest local ingredients. The Daftmill Inaugural Release 2005 is a tribute to this heritage and represents Daftmill's commitment to creating exceptional whiskies while preserving their unique identity.

An Investment in Excellence:
Owning a bottle of the Daftmill Inaugural Release 2005 is not only a testament to one's appreciation for exceptional whiskies but also an investment in a piece of whisky history. With its rarity and outstanding quality, this release is highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike. It is a whisky that deserves to be savored and celebrated for its unparalleled craftsmanship and the unforgettable experience it offers.

The Daftmill Inaugural Release 2005 55.8% stands as a testament to the dedication and expertise of Daftmill Distillery. Handcrafted with care and matured to perfection, this whisky offers a sensory journey like no other. From its exquisite flavors to its historic significance, it is a masterpiece that deserves to be cherished and enjoyed. Whether you are a seasoned whisky aficionado or a curious enthusiast, the Daftmill Inaugural Release 2005 is a whisky that will leave an indelible impression on your palate and create treasured memories with every sip.

Serge Valentin (89)

Angus McRaild:

Colour: Light Gold.

Nose: Clean and fruity malt whisky. Full of lemon barley water, many cereals, freshly churned butter, a hint of something more surgical like lanolin, then fresh gooseberries and white bread. Continues with toasted sunflower seeds, rapeseed oil, trodden clover and some chopped parsley. It’s superbly fresh and pleasingly elegant. With water: some kind of mirabelle and barley eau de vie. Further lemony aspects and some starchy notes of porridge infused with runny honey.

Mouth: punchy! White stone fruits, lemon rind, raw barley, mint jelly, crushed ivy and white pepper. Goes on with notes of white jelly beans, pineapple cubes and various blossoms and nectars. Quite beautiful and in possession of a subtlety that you feel a Lowland whisky should possess - if you’re going with the flow of tradition that is. With water: a tad more spicy, more fruity (on white and orchard fruits) and floral. There’s also a more prevalent sappy element as well - green wood and green pepper and grass. I feel that it really works perfectly with a drop of water actually. Lemon jelly, bay leaf, fresh thyme and pear drops.
Daftmill back label
Rear label, pithy sentiment

Finish: Good length. Various seeds, some bitter lemon, quinine, baking soda, sunflower oil and the slightest earthiness.

Comments: It’s tough to separate tasting this from the knowledge that, amongst all the many, varied and often uninspiring distilling projects that have arisen in Scotland over the past decade, this is the one distillery that has sat quietly turning out whisky and biding its time before releasing its distillate commercially. This is undeniably excellent, well made and extremely quaffable whisky; a style that is close to the raw ingredients and feels in synch with its place of origin. It’s not utterly stellar, but for a first year of production at a brand new distillery it is remarkable and suggests that this is a whisky to pay very close attention to in years to come

Daftmill - Inaugural Release 2005 55.8% 2005

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