Daftmill Single Malt Whisky
The Daftmill Distillery is located on the border of the Eastern Highlands and the Lowlands. Due to its triple distillation style Daftmill Single Malt Whisky is best be classified as a Lowlands Whisky, known for its floral character with grass and caramel to the nose. This new kid on the block among the Scottish distilleries opened its doors in 2005, and the first distillery bottling named the Daftmill Inaugural Release was released in 2018!

Currently, the master distillers at Daftmill have put every single effort into creating a high-quality lowlands single malt whisky, nothing more and nothing less. At the Best of Whiskies headquarter we have high expectations of this new single malt whisky.

The Daftmill Distillery is established in the former Daftmill Farm residence, the historical roots of which can be traced back until as early as 1655. So remarkably enough, Scotland’s newest distillery is simultaneously the oldest. The Daftmill Distillery was purchased by the Cuthbert’s, two farm raised brothers whose family grew barley for no less than six generations. The two men dreamt of having their own distillery for years, and finally around the 1980’s they decided to cut the cord. The Cuthbert’s purchased the entire Pitlair Estate on which the premises of the Daftmill Distillery were located, and a new distillery was born.

The barley needed for the production of Daftmill Single Malt Whisky is homegrown at the family farm, and the water from the Daftmill Spring serves as the distillery’s water source. The whisky’s maturing process is carried out mostly in bourbon casks and sherry butt casks. Every single step of the production process of Daftmill Single Malt Whisky is effectuated within a five mile radius of the distillery, by which the quality of the whisky is guaranteed. There by, Daftmill is one of the newest, smallest and most self-sufficient distilleries to be found in Scotland.

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