Whiskies from Auchentoshan


One of the few Lowlands distilleries remaining from the once thriving whisky boom, the Auchentoshan Distillery is known for its smooth and light malt, full of sweet and citrus savors. The Auchentoshan Three Wood is one of the most renowned whiskies from the distillery’s core-range, and the Auchentoshan Ylva from independent bottler The Duchess, selected by Luc Timmermans, is one of the loved whiskies among the die-hard collectors.


Auchentoshan distinct itself from its Scottish competitors, not only for being one of the only few remaining Lowlands distillers. Unlike its most Scottish distilleries, who usually double-distillate their malts, Auchentoshan is one of the only few distilleries that uses a triple distilling method, which is very unique in Scotland!


The distillery’s tongue twisting name (“och-en-tosh-en”) is just as riddling as its definition. It derives from the Gaelic Achadh an t-Oisein, which means “Corner on the field”.  The details about the history of the Auchentoshan Distillery have remained very unclear until today, however it’s most likely that the the distillery was founded and operated by the Irish, due to the use of the typical Irish triple-distilling method.  The distillery was established (or legalized) around 1825, on a meadow adjacent to a farm in its proximity.


During the Second World War, the distillery was completely destroyed by an air force bombing, causing the distillery’s malt whisky to flood into the Clyde River. Legend says that the burning whisky flamed up the water. Years later the distillery was fully rebuilt and acquired by Eadie Cairns, who sold it to Morrison Bowmore around 1980. Morrison Bowmore was acquired by Suntory years later, which has remained in full command of the Auchentoshan Distillery until today.

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