Torabhaig The Legacy Series Cnoc Na Moine Third Edition 46% NV

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Distillery Torabhaig
Bottler OB
Serie The Legacy Series Cnoc Na Moine Third Edition
Bottled for
Distilled date Undisclosed
Bottling date 2024
Country Scotland
Region Isle of Skye
Cask Type American Oak, Oloroso, Pedro Ximenez and Bourbon Casks
Cask Number
Alcohol percentage 46
Volume 0,70
Condition In original container
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Professional reviews

BOW (87)

A few names carry the weight of tradition and craftsmanship like Torabhaig. Nestled on the enchanting Isle of Skye in Scotland, Torabhaig Distillery has long been revered for its dedication to producing exceptional spirits rooted in the island's rich heritage. The latest addition to their Legacy Series, the Cnoc Na Moine Third Edition, emerges as a testament to this commitment, offering enthusiasts a captivating journey through the rugged landscapes and flavors of Skye.

Crafted with precision and passion, the Cnoc Na Moine Third Edition is a celebration of the Gaelic spirit, bearing the name "Cnoc Na Moine," which translates to "Hill of the Bog" or "Hill of the Turf." This Gaelic term pays homage to the rugged terrain of Skye, where peat bogs have long shaped the character of the island's whiskies. "Cnoc" signifies "hill," while "na moine" evokes the essence of "the bog" or "the turf," encapsulating the raw, untamed beauty of Skye's landscape.

At the heart of this expression lies the distinctive Moine character, a hallmark of peated whiskies. With each sip, the Cnoc Na Moine Third Edition unveils layers of peat smoke and brine, reminiscent of the island's windswept shores and ancient bogs. This distinctive profile serves as a tribute to Torabhaig's unwavering dedication to preserving the essence of Skye's terroir in every drop.

What sets this edition apart is its meticulous maturation process, a harmonious dance between American Oak, Oloroso, Pedro Ximenez, and Bourbon casks. This symphony of wood imparts a symphony of flavors, infusing the whisky with a complexity that tantalizes the senses. The influence of American Oak lends notes of vanilla and caramel, while the Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez casks contribute rich, dried fruit undertones. Meanwhile, the Bourbon casks impart a subtle sweetness, balancing the robust peatiness with finesse.

Bottled on the 17th of January 2024, the Cnoc Na Moine Third Edition represents a culmination of Torabhaig's centuries-old legacy and the vision of its master distillers. With an ABV of 46%, this expression invites enthusiasts to embark on a sensory journey that transcends time and place, inviting them to explore the soul of Skye in every glass.

As enthusiasts savor the Cnoc Na Moine Third Edition, they are not merely tasting whisky; they are experiencing a piece of Skye's history, preserved and distilled into liquid gold. It's a testament to the enduring spirit of Torabhaig Distillery, where tradition meets innovation, and every dram tells a story of the land from which it was born. In the Legacy Series, Torabhaig invites whisky connoisseurs to raise a glass to the past, present, and future of Scotch whisky, one sip at a time.

Words of Whisky (87)

Nose: Hints of smouldering embers alongside orange peel, just a touch of sauerkraut, some marshmallows and nougat. There might be a touch of iodine here, but very minor. Also, a good amount of meringue, accompanied by a few wet rocks.
Taste: Proper oily mouthfeel, even at this reduced strength. Slivers of tobacco, brine, damp oak and wood smoke. Also some polished leather and sandalwood, then a hint of petrol, blackcurrants and charcoal. Finally ever so gentle farmy notes.
Finish: Medium to long. A pinch of pepper, teak and cigar boxes. Also subtle smoke. Warming and comforting.

I'll admit to being sceptic, but the small amount of sherry casks really does add new layers. It seems to kind of enhance Torabhaig's warming wood smoke, especially on the palate, which I find one of this distillery's most attractive traits. It's heavily peated, but not overpowering in any way. Will they ever bottled the Torabhaig Cnoc Na Moine at cask strength? One can only hope.

Serge Valentin (87)

Well, we're all going to end up speaking Gaelic fluently with all these Scottish whiskies we're tasting. Bourbon, oloroso, PX. It's interesting that they've published the peat level in the barley post-malting (78.44ppm) and the residual level after distillation (19.7ppm phenols). The 2018/2023 'Batch Strength' was magnificent (WF 90), but it was 100% ex-bourbon; with the sherries, it might be different. More erratic, let's say, let's check that… Colour: straw. Nose: this impression of being in a working kiln, even if here, the smoke is less acrid than, say, at Laphroaig or Port Ellen (right, not a kiln). In fact, it's quite soft, rounded but not slack, rather medicinal (iodine tincture, mercurochrome) and then quite marked by a bit of wasabi. It remains a rather gentle Torabhaig on the nose, with some orange peel. Mouth: excellent, saline and root-like. Someone will end up peating gentian roots one day. On the palate, it's drier than expected, more lemony and peppery too, and especially, full of ashes. Then we find chalk and a bit of powdered ginger as well as a bit of tar. It remains fresh, the sherry has had less impact than we expected, and we're not complaining. Finish: fresh and smoky but more rounded nonetheless. Comments: absolutely excellent but the problem is the 2018/2023 'Batch Strength' that remains etched in our memory. No, it's very good, of course.

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