Octomore Edition 14.2 / 128.9 PPM The Impossible Equation 57.7% 2017

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Octomore - Edition 14.2 / 128.9 PPM The Impossible Equation 57.7% 2017 In Original Container
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Distillery Bruichladdich
Bottler OB
Serie The Impossible Equation
Bottled for
Distilled date 2017
Bottling date 13.07.2023
Country Scotland
Region Islay
Age 5
Cask Type 1st fill Oloroso + 1st and 2nd fill Amarone
Cask Number Bottle code L166307 23/130 2023/07/13
Alcohol percentage 57.7
Volume 0,70
Condition In original container
Label Perfect
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Octomore Edition 14.2: A Harmonious Blend of Smoke and Elegance

The Octomore series from the renowned Bruichladdich distillery has long been celebrated for pushing the boundaries of peated whisky. Each release in this series brings something unique to the table, showcasing the distillery's commitment to innovation and craft. Octomore Edition 14.2 is no exception, with its combination of raw power, complexity, and sophistication. Distilled in 2017 and aged for 5 years, this expression is a testament to the artistry of Bruichladdich's master distillers. In this article, we delve into the captivating Octomore Edition 14.2 and explore what sets it apart.

The Impossible Equation Series

Octomore Edition 14.2 is part of Bruichladdich's coveted Impossible Equation series, known for its exploration of intricate flavor profiles that challenge conventional whisky norms. This series consistently pushes the boundaries of what is possible in Scotch whisky, and the 14.2 edition is a prime example of this ethos.

Peat Levels and Distillation

Octomore whiskies are famous for their sky-high phenolic content, measured in PPM (parts per million). The 14.2 boasts an astonishing 128.9 PPM, which places it among the most heavily peated whiskies in the world. However, what sets Octomore apart is its ability to balance the intense peat with other nuanced flavors.

Distilled at the Bruichladdich distillery in 2017, the Octomore 14.2 showcases the distillers' mastery over the peating process. Despite the staggering PPM, the distillation process preserves a remarkable depth of character and finesse.


One of the most intriguing aspects of Octomore Edition 14.2 is its maturation process. This expression spent its maturation period in a unique combination of cask types: first-fill Oloroso casks and both first and second-fill Amarone casks. The influence of these casks adds layers of complexity and flavor, elevating the whisky to a whole new level.

The barley used in this expression hails from the Scottish mainland and is of the Concerto variety. The interplay between barley origin, variety, and cask selection results in a whisky that encapsulates the essence of its raw ingredients and the craftsmanship of its production.

Tasting Notes

Pouring a dram of Octomore 14.2 reveals a captivating bouquet of peat smoke, dried fruits, and a rich, sherry-like sweetness from the Oloroso casks. On the palate, the whisky unfolds with a burst of peat, balanced beautifully by notes of dark chocolate, red berries, and a touch of spice. This balance between smoke and sweetness is a hallmark of the Octomore series.

The finish is long and memorable, with the peat smoke gradually giving way to a delightful symphony of oak, dried fruits, and a hint of wine-like tannins. At 57.7% ABV, it delivers its flavors with precision and depth, leaving a lasting impression.


Octomore Edition 14.2 is a whisky that defies expectations and sets a new standard for peated expressions. It masterfully combines raw peat power with elegance, showcasing the artistry of distillation and maturation. Released on July 13, 2023, as part of the Impossible Equation series, it stands as a testament to the ongoing innovation in the world of whisky.

If you seek a whisky that challenges preconceived notions and offers a harmonious blend of smoke and sophistication, Octomore 14.2 should be at the top of your list. It is a whisky that captures the imagination and exemplifies what can be achieved when the impossible equation of peat and finesse is successfully solved. Be prepared for an extraordinary journey of flavor and complexity with every sip of Octomore 14.2.

Serge Valentin ()

128.9ppm peat and… Amarone, this strongly reminds one of a Hawaiian pizza. Let's proceed with caution then… But does modern Scottish whisky really need so much wine to stand up? Don't talk to me about innovation or experimentation, everyone is doing the same these days, which is quite odd, is it not? Colour: apricot. There. Nose: the heavy red wine literally ate the peat. Well, quite. Red grapes, dried goji, grenadine syrup, poppy jelly, then toffee, rose blancmange, arrack, moist dried figs… I find it really strange, but not un-nice. Certainly not 'Islay', let alone 'Rhinns'. With water: closer to pastry dough and even grist, with the fat red Italian kept at a distance this time. Mouth (neat): huge and a bit misshapen, sweet and salty, mild and peaty. It's somewhat like two young mutts meeting for the first time, see what I mean? Some squeaks were to be expected. With water: no, this was unnecessary. With strawberry-flavoured buttercream topped with ashes and olives, you would be immediately sacked from any culinary school. Finish: long, not very easy. Smoked goji berries or something. Comments: ban Amarone. Love (some) Amarone, but not in my whisky. Having said that, this remains Octomore.

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