Lagavulin The Distillers Edition 2022 43% NV

€ 100,00 (ex Vat)
121,00 (in Vat)
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Distillery Lagavulin
Bottler OB
Serie The Distillers Edition
Bottled for
Distilled date Not Specified
Bottling date 2022
Country Scotland
Region Islay
Age Bottlecode L2273CM004 00004757
Cask Type Double Matured in PX Seasoned Oak Casks
Cask Number
Alcohol percentage 43
Volume 0,70
Condition In Original Box
Label Perfect

Professional reviews

BOW (88)

Extra rich raisin-sweet flavor paired with a dark smokiness that intensifies as the peat develops.

Serge Valentin (86)

Double matured in PX seasoned casks and now coming without any age or vintage statements, while last year's still had one, 2006. Gulp! At least it lasted from the glorious vintage 1979 to vintage 2006. Colour: golden apricot. Nose: nice, fresh, not quite PX-y, rather on lapsang souchong and pu-her, old hunting jacket, Barbour grease, lanolin, with a little game, Maggi, lovage, soy sauce… Some camphor and cough syrup too. Sadly I haven't got any older vintages at hand, but I have the impression that this is fresher and less on coffee and chocolate than its ancestors. Mouth: the sherry feels a little more on the palate but it's still a refreshing and lively Lagavulin, pretty smoky, with a growing toffeeness and a little pipe tobacco. Would tend to get then heavier and a little leathery, but with good marmalade and jams (plums). Finish: medium, a little medicinal, with a feeling of sweet cough syrup. No meatiness that I can detect on the palate. The aftertaste is a notch too jammy and sweet for me, this sweetness being new. Comments: nutshell, they cancelled the vintage and age statements and seemingly raised the price to +/-125€, while bottling a fairly better and possibly younger juice. Loved the lovage in it. Crikey, I just don't know whether we should start to complain or not.

Lagavulin - The Distillers Edition 2022 43% NV

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