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Bruichladdich 3D3 Third Edition The Norrie Campbell Tribute Bottling 46% NV

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Serie The Norrie Campbell Tribute Bottling
Bottled for X
Distilled date Not Specified
Bottling date 22.08.2006
Country Scotland


Age X
Cask Type X
Cask Number Barcode 618105023703
Alcohol percentage 46
Volume 0,70
Condition No Original Container Included!
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BOW (86)

Bruichladdich 3D3 is named for the usage of 3 Warehouses, 3 Vintages and 3 Peating levels which are vatted together to create this very interesting expression. The 3D3 contains “ordinary” Bruichladdich (which is not peated) , Port Charlotte (peated to 40 ppm), and Octomore (peated to 80.5 ppm) [not the 1.1 Octomore, but the first one which was less peaty

Gal Granov (86)

Color: Pale gold

Nose: It’s a true laddie in nature when it comes to the fruitiness, but all this is layered below a nice peaty cover. It reminds me quite a bit the Octomore 2.1 nose. I like it.

Mouth : Ashe, Big Peat, but sweeter notes are abundant. You get a very delicious sort of “peaty” lollipop feeling, which is quite interesting. It’s very strong, and peppery.

Finish : Peppery, Ashy, quite long and enjoyable.

Summing it up :

While not Enormously complex, it’s very enjoyable and not as flat as can be expected. The sweet-peat-fruit mélange does the work. It’s a sort of in your face! Malt, I’d recommend it to peat lovers especially and those who like a very strong impact of coal, smoke, and ash in their face, nose and throat. It’s not an Octomore, or a supernova, but it’s darn peaty and wild, and you get a chance to sample some PC, Octomore and laddie in one.

Norrie, this wee dram is in your honor!

3.6 stars - 2 professional reviews
3D3 Third Edition The Norrie Campbell Tribute Bottling 46% - Bruichladdich


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