Ardbeg Single Malt Whisky


As a true southern Islay representative, The Ardbeg Distillery is well known for producing some of the world’s heaviest peated single malt Scotch whiskies. From the core range editions such as the Ardbeg 10 years old and the Ardbeg Corryvreckan, to the much desired collector's items such as the Ardbeg 1967 Signatory Vintage and the The Duchess Ardbeg Malin 25 years old, The Ardbeg Distillery emerges quality and a feisty yet sophisticated taste true whisky lovers cannot resist. And with the worldwide fan base “The Ardbeg Committee” of over 120.000 members, Ardbeg is definitely one of the most companionable-orientated whisky societies to be found.


The Ardbeg Distillery history started somewhere around the end of the 18th century, when a group of distillers established an illegal distillery along the southern shore of Islay, nearby the current location of Ardbeg today. However, this operation was discontinued at start due to an intervention of the border patrol and excise officers, as this illegal distillery didn’t have the legal permits mandatory to monitor to the many legal restrictions the distillery sector was subjected to in that era. Yet, some of these moonshining distillers continued their illegit operations, among others John MacDougall, who established the Ardbeg Distillery as a legal concern in 1815.


Like many Scotch whisky distillery legacies, Ardbeg was cooperated- and inherited by MacDougall’s son Alexander MacDougall, who renamed the Ardbeg Distillery firm Alexander McDougall & Co. In 1835 the distillery was purchased by a spirit merchant named Thomas Buchanan, Alexander MacDougall however stayed involved as a distillery manager for several years. In thee midst of the 19th century Alexander MacDougall became severely ill and passed away in the year 1853. In his will he named his sisters Flora and Margaret as his successors to take over the responsibility of the Ardbeg Distillery throughout a cooperation with Colin Hay, in order to maintain the family distillery involvement and Ardbeg’s legacy. In 1886, Ardbeg employed approximately 60 workers and produced about 250.000 gallons (1,1 million liters) of whisky per annum, by which the Ardbeg Distillery was declared as Islay’s most productive whisky distillery of its era.


But unfortunately, many dark clouds overshadowed the prosperous horizon of the Ardbeg Distillery legacy, which almost led to its demise. In 1977 Ardbeg was purchased by Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd, which was acquired by Allied Distillers shortly after. Allied Distillers had the Ardbeg Distillery shut down in 1981, due to the reduced worldwide demand for single malt whisky decreasing its production, resulting in the dismissal of eighteen staff members of Ardbeg. In 1987 The Ardbeg Distillery resumed a limited production shortly after a quick refurbishment and running some distillery updates, in order to satisfy the new increasing demand for whisky, but yet was shut down again in 1991. Finally, Glenmorangie Plc. purchased Ardbeg in 1997 and lead the distillery back to its full production capacity and the comeback of its success. At his moment, The Ardbeg Distillery and The Ardbeg Committee are being represented by Ardbeg’s distillery manager and chairman: Michael “Mickey” Heads.


The Ardbeg stakes are currently 100% owned by Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton. If there’s one thing this current owner is accustomed to, it’s knowing how to invest in the global demand of Ardbeg’s legacy. An immaculate success story sold to millions of Ardbeg whisky lovers worldwide, including luxuriously designed Ardbeg bottles to match the beautiful distillery history.


Whiskies from Ardbeg

DistilleryName Vintage l. SVA
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Price (incl. VAT)
Ardbeg • 21 Douglas Laing Old Particular Cask DL10065 48.6% 1992 0,70 91 2 € 597,89 € 723,45
Ardbeg • 18 Years Old The Whisky Exchange The 10th Anniversary Series 55.9% NV 0,70 91 1 € 491,74 € 595,01
Ardbeg • 1976 Feis Isle 2002 Cask 2390 53.1% 1976 0,70 96 96 1 € 4.545,45 € 5.499,99
Ardbeg • 21 Years Old & Rare Platinum Selection 56.4% 1993 0,70 5 € 799,99 € 967,99
Ardbeg • 25 Years Old & Rare Magnum Cask HL5750 51.9% 1991 1,5 1 € 3.748,75 € 4.535,99
Ardbeg • 25 Years Old The Duchess Sherry Cask Finish 50.1% NV 0,70 92 6 € 657,02 € 794,99
Ardbeg • Airigh Nam Beist 2006 Release 46% 1990 0,70 91 91 1 € 330,54 € 399,95
Ardbeg • Airigh Nam Beist 46% 1990 0,70 91 91 1 € 322,31 € 390,00
Ardbeg • Dark Cove Committee Release 46.5% NV 0,70 86 87 1 € 404,96 € 490,00
Ardbeg • Dark Cove Committee Release 55% NV 0,70 1 € 404,96 € 490,00
Ardbeg • Kelpie 46% NV 0,70 86 86 1 € 190,08 € 230,00
Ardbeg • Mór 10 Years Old 57.3% 1997 4,5 1 € 1.301,65 € 1.575,00
Ardbeg • Renaissance 1998 55.9% 1998 0,70 86 88 1 € 239,67 € 290,00
Ardbeg • Twenty One 46% NV 0,70 91 87 1 € 474,50 € 574,15