Nc'nean Distillery Organic Single Malt Batch 15 46% NV

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Distillery Nc'nean Distillery
Bottler OB
Serie Batch 15
Bottled for
Distilled date Not Specified
Bottling date 2022
Country Scotland
Region Highlands
Age 3
Cask Type 65% STR Red Wine, 35% Ex-Bourbon
Cask Number
Alcohol percentage 46
Volume 0,70
Condition In Orginal Box
Label Perfect
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Introducing Nc'nean Organic Single Malt Batch 15: A Sustainable Whisky Marvel

Nc'nean Distillery, nestled in the picturesque Drimnin, By Lochaline, has long been renowned for its commitment to organic and sustainable whisky production. Their latest offering, the Nc'nean Organic Single Malt Batch 15, bottled in March 2022, exemplifies their dedication to crafting exceptional spirits while preserving the environment.

At the heart of Nc'nean's ethos lies their most important raw ingredient: barley farmed organically. This means that the barley is cultivated in the most natural way possible, without the use of artificial pesticides or fertilizers. By partnering with farmers who prioritize organic practices, Nc'nean ensures not only massive biodiversity but also enhanced soil health and water quality. It's worth noting that all their barley is sourced from Scottish farms since the rugged terrain and wet winters on the west coast make it unsuitable for cultivation. Nc'nean procures organic barley from two farmers located in Aberdeenshire and Fife, both situated in the east of Scotland. The organic barley they source boasts a remarkable 42% lower carbon footprint compared to conventional barley, further underlining their commitment to sustainability.

Certified by the Biodynamic Association, Nc'nean adheres to rigorous organic standards. Each year, they undergo inspections to ensure compliance with these standards, providing consumers with confidence in the authenticity and quality of their organic single malt.

One of the key factors contributing to Nc'nean's sustainable practices is their use of 100% renewable energy in distillery production. Their two copper pot stills are powered exclusively by a biomass boiler fueled by locally sourced wood chips from the forest. Notably, for every tree harvested, a new one is planted, ensuring the preservation of the ecosystem. Additionally, Nc'nean partners with Engie, a global supplier of low-carbon energy, to obtain a minimal amount of low-carbon electricity. The combination of green electricity and biomass energy results in an impressively low distillery production footprint of just 26.5 tonnes of CO2 per year. When considering emissions associated with their supply chain, Nc'nean's total carbon footprint for an entire year is less than that of a single round-trip flight from London to New York. Remarkably, their carbon footprint per bottle produced decreased from 1.87 kg CO2e to 1.74 kg CO2e in the 2021-22 period.

To achieve their net-zero status for distillery operations, Nc'nean has partnered with Highland Carbon to offset their remaining carbon emissions. Through a sustainable forest planting project with a verified carbon standard hallmark, they actively contribute to combating climate change and ensuring a greener future.

Furthermore, Nc'nean prides itself on being a zero waste distillery. In 2021, they successfully diverted 99.97% of their waste from landfills. Emphasizing material reuse to minimize waste sent for recycling, they strive for a circular economy model. Their primary waste product, pot ale, is spread on local farmland as a natural fertilizer. Additionally, draff, the leftover barley from the whisky-making process, becomes a nourishing meal for the cows on their farm.

Recognizing the potential environmental harm caused by chemical waste, Nc'nean diligently sources natural cleaning products for their bar, office, and facilities. By prioritizing chemical-free alternatives, they mitigate the risk of damage to the surrounding environment.

Water conservation and responsible usage are vital aspects of Nc'nean's sustainability practices. Approximately 90% of the water they employ is dedicated to cooling the vapors emerging from the stills. By harnessing

rainwater and recycling it through their natural cooling pond, Nc'nean effectively minimizes water consumption, eliminating the need for additional energy and chemicals for cooling and maintenance.

While the west coast's abundance of rainfall is apparent, climate change has resulted in prolonged dry spells, particularly during the spring and early summer. To safeguard their water resources, Nc'nean constantly monitors and optimizes their water usage, striving for greater efficiency.

For the production of their whisky, Nc'nean exclusively uses spring water sourced from a spring situated just behind the distillery. This pristine water source requires no treatment or chlorine, ensuring the purity of their whisky remains uncompromised.

With the Nc'nean Organic Single Malt Batch 15, whisky enthusiasts not only savor an exceptional Scottish whisky but also contribute to a more sustainable future for the whisky industry. Nc'nean's progressive vision of sustainability sets a commendable example for the whisky industry, demonstrating that it is possible to produce exceptional whiskies while prioritizing environmental conservation.

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